VIDEO: Windy Reverses 20 Years Of Endometriosis

Windy Reverses 20 Years Of Endometriosis

“I feel I have a super human-ness about me!”

From feeling like an absolute zombie, constantly irritable, cranky, and exhausted, to acquiring an unexpected ease, optimism and vitality to feel like a super-human. Windy makes a transformation that will go down in medical history!

To this day doctors aren’t quite sure what the exact cause of endometriosis is, and there is no known cure. Today 10-20% of women in the US endure this curse, (myself and Patty being ones who were in this percentile), and thousands more suffer unknowing of the diagnosis.

With no known true cure, women are left to suffer through debilitating pain and their only options for managing life-long symptoms are treatments that usually include surgery or medication, (which may or may not work). In Windy’s case, she’d been living with this agony for 20 years before she found the solution that got to the ROOT CAUSE.

Symptoms of endometriosis include:

– Abdominal cramps or back pain during menstruation
– Severe menstrual cramps
– Painful bowel movements or urination, especially during menstruation
– Abnormal or heavy bleeding during periods
– Painful sex
– Difficulty becoming pregnant

Women who’ve experienced endometriosis or endometriosis-like symptoms know the excruciating pain and how debilitating it is. Many spend the first few days of their cycle completely incapacitated in bed, in a hot bath, and heavy medicated by pain medication. Some even end up throwing up and going to the hospital from the pain. For others this pain not only occurs during menstruation but lingers throughout their entire cycle to wreak havoc on their entire lives.

A strange phenomenon is occurring amongst women who start the Candida Cleanser…

.. the pain disappears and their menstrual cycle returns back to normal!!

Watch Windy’s Full Interview

“Its night and day! I don’t wake up with cramps, I used to have to sit in a bathtub for 2 hours for the cramps to go away.”

“I feel like I’m a way better version of myself.  I definitely think this is something I’ll use once a year.”

Windy has struck gold! Finding the antidote for her endometriosis, and more… so much more! Her allergies are gone. She’s said goodbye to her Allegra and Flonase, which she used to depend on to breath.

She fits into her clothes differently, she’s toned and feels slim, comfortable, and confident in her body. Her sugar cravings are a thing of the past and she’s found that she doesn’t need to eat as much.

Her hair grows faster. Her skin is clearer, her liver spots have disappeared, and her scars from cystic acne are fading, so much so that her friend who is using expensive acne medication is jealous!

Her breath has no scent, where before it was quite volatile.

Her joint pain is gone.

And her energy levels are through the roof! She quit the job that drove her crazy and now is happily, and easily, managing working 4 jobs while working towards getting her yoga teacher certification!

“Now that I don’t have the brain fog any more, I can focus and get everything done that I want to get done. I don’t have to go back to my planner every 5 seconds, and the energy is there to do these things.”

Tune into Windy’s powerful interview as she shares her journey of reconnecting to her body and stepping into a whole new world of radical health.


Women Who Have Reversed Their Endometriosis With The Help Of The Candida Cleanser

A number of other women who have completely the cleanse have completely reversed their endometriosis, or endometriosis-like menstrual miseries, with the help of Candida Cleanser: Patty, Charlotte, Jackie, and Amy. You can find their stories in our Success Stories.



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