What Is The Candida Diet & Does It Work?

What Is The Candida Diet & Does It Work?

What Is The Candida Diet?

The Candida Diet involves monitoring what you eat to eliminate processed foods and sugar, and foods that turn into sugar. Since sugar feeds candida this dietary approach works to starve it to death.

Often times when someone begins to take on this diet they are shocked to learn how much sugar is hidden in what they’ve regularly been eating, and that many of their staple foods such as rice, whole wheat bread, and potatoes, have been feeding candida this whole time!

You may find that by simply adjusting your diet you can feel better and symptoms begin to subside; you experience sharper focus, more energy throughout the day, your skin clears up, joint pain disappears. Some people even experience die-off symptoms as candida begins to leave the body.

However, there is one aspect to this approach that most people are completely unaware of which can cause you a lot of frustration; Candida is dimorphic.

Now what the heck does that mean?

This means candida has the ability to change forms.

Normally candida is present in the gut in it’s yeast form where it lives in harmony with the gut bacteria in your digestive system. Candida eats excess sugars in your diet, the bacteria feed on the yeast, the bacteria assist in thousands of beneficial biochemical processes in your body; we all live happily ever after.


Because of our over consumption of sugar partnered with our misuse of pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics, we have killed off our team of good bacteria. Our guts have become barren of our microbial friends and there is nothing to keep the candida yeast down to appropriate numbers.

Now trouble begins brewing as candida is allowed to proliferate and mutate into a deadly FUNGUS. This is when dietary changes alone will not do the trick.

In it’s fungal form Candida grows an exoskeleton made of chitin, the same stuff cockroaches and lobsters are made up of. Nothing in your body can get past this bulletproof shield. Plus, now in it’s fungal form, candida begins to release dozens of mycotoxins that attack your liver and immune system, basically eating you alive from within.

 When it’s in this fungal form, Candida has the ability to manipulate your sense of self by influencing everything from your mood, your behaviour, how well you manage stress, how quick you are to anger, and most noticeably the foods you crave. Since it feeds off of sugar, Candida triggers uncontrollable cravings for sugary-starchy foods and alcohol.

Many of the foods you have come to believe you enjoy eating have actually little to do with your opinion. Instead they are rooted in the psychology of this fungal infection.

Once you address this exoskeleton made of chitin with something like the Candida Cleanser, which uses the chitinase enzyme inhibitor called Lufenuron to fully eliminate the infection, you’ll find that it’s easier to stick to a diet low in sugar. You’ll find that you actually need to eat less food, you’re not as hungry and you become satiated more quickly. Naturally, you’ll crave different healthier foods like Brussel sprouts, or Romaine lettuce. Apples will become too sweet.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Misty in her interview speaks to this, her diet has completely turned around, effortlessly!
Watch here: Misty Reverses 20 Years Of Endometriosis, & More!


The Protocol We Recommend

A fungal Candida infection causes intestinal permeability, otherwise known as leaky gut. For a true recovery, to fully eliminate and heal from this fungal infection, you have to work to repair the damage done in the intestinal tract (and throughout the body).

This is why we recommend the GAPS Diet partnered with our Candida Cleanser Full Package. Together they are the most powerful combination we’ve seen that address candida at the root; destroying it’s chitin layer and using food as medicine to rehabilitate the digestive system and microbiome, healing and sealing a leaky gut.

This takes time.

One round of the Candida Cleanser is 45 days. For some people with a lower level of infection, just one cleanse is enough. For others with a more widespread infection, 2 or 3 bottles might be necessary. Even though the cleanse is only 45 days, realistically the healing journey can take much longer.

Diet is key to regain your full optimal health.

Here are 3 great resources to help you get started:

  1. THE GAPS DIET, learn more about the diet and grab a free Food Shopping Guide.
  2. BONE BROTH THERAPY, includes recipes and access to a 3-part coaching video series.
  3. 7 Day Meal Plan Inspiration, over 40 recipes to try while you are on the cleanse and healing your gut.
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