VIDEO: Anna Overcomes Lyme Disease With Our Candida Cleanser

Anna Overcomes Lyme Disease With Our Candida Cleanser, “This last year doing the cleanse has been the most transformative!”


“I am no longer taking anti-anxiety medicine and depression meds, popping Xanax to get through the day. I’m completely off of any pills regarding mental health.
It was relieving and a great sign to be able to eliminate those from my health



I have so much energy back. I never have brain fog any more. I am able to move through the day, like I was a teenage before I got sick. I missed that so much. It’s been man absolute game changer.” – Anna

In 2009, things started going downhill for Anna…she was bouncing around from doctor to doctor for 2 years, all while getting sicker and sicker…

Having nobody to turn to, and no doctors pointing her in the right direction, Anna started to self isolate.

After testing positive for Lyme Disease, Anna was put on heavy dose antibiotics for 2 years…which only made things worse…it started to affect her mental health and she experienced constant pain daily.

After living years this way, she started feeling like everything was all in her head.

Shortly after the pandemic…Anna joined Instagram and Candida Cleanser was one of the first accounts she spotted.

“I could relate so much to the things you were posting about candida, what it does to your body your mind and your spirit. I felt like I’d finally found a way out.”

She connected with our Facebook Support Group and started the CCWS Candida Cleanser right away.

We are so happy to to say that Anna is now free of Lyme Disease!

Check out the video, to hear more about Anna’s journey with the CCWS Candida Cleanser, how she experienced die-off and how she is feeling today.

“Physically, I have so much energy back…I never have brain fog anymore. I’m just able to move through the day like I was when I was a teenager before I got sick.”

Could candida be connected to lyme disease?

There’s definitely a correlation. Over the years we have seen a number of people make a full recovery from lyme disease after doing our candida protocol, Anna being our most recent. Here’s another share from our facebook group:


Lyme is a complicated condition. There are many factors involved.

How I see candida playing a role is that it severely compromises your immunes system and makes you susceptible to other infections; bacterial, parasitic, and viral. Lyme isn’t a simple infection from a tick, it often comes with a cohort of co-infections that need to be addressed.

So the mainstream medical system will prescribe antibiotics for those co-infections…

Taking even a single round of antibiotics to treat a condition, be it lyme or something else, will kill off your good bacteria and start fuelling gut dysbiosis and candida overgrowth. And for Lyme, most people take antibiotics for months… even years— like in Anna’s case, she was on them for 2 years!! Could you imagine!?!?

Candida also releases numerous toxins that can cause many physical symptoms that mimic and/or add to the symptoms of lyme such as: fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, troubles concentrating, brain fog, rashes, headaches..

So if you know anyone struggle with this condition, please share this information with them. You could be their saving grace!!

If you suspect you have candida overgrowth, we are happy to help support you on your cleansing journey, you can purchase our CCWS candida cleanse here: Shop

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