VIDEO: Alissa Overcomes Psoriasis, PTSD, Fatigue. “This is the only thing that worked!”


Alissa Overcomes Psoriasis & Fatigue: “This is the only thing that worked!”

Everyday feels like a dream.

Another life transformed! I worked 1-on-1 with Alissa in my private practice, the last time I saw her she was skipping away with a huge smile on her face, “I feel like I’m living for the first time!”

In this video we talk about her unique recovery journey from candida using the CCWS Candida Cleanser + an Amazonian frog medicine called Kambo, which I work with in my private practice.
Alissa was struggling with PTSD-like symptoms, hyper vigilance, intrusive thoughts, her mental health was suffering and spiralling out of control. She was exhausted, her psoriasis was taking over her body, and being intimiate with her partner became physically painful.

But thanks to the Candida Cleanser she is at peace, and living with a greater ease. She is grounded, calm, and optimistic.

And best of all, her psoriasis which she’s had for years is finally beginning to clear!!


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