Jackie had been struggling with debilitating anxiety for many years plus a number of other serious health issues that she had no idea could be connected. Jackie’s health, relationships, career were all suffering. Her new Osteopath recognized immediately that she was suffering from Candida overgrowth.

Lucky for Jackie, her open-minded doctor had had his own personal experience with Candida infestation and had used CCWS to successfully eliminate his overgrowth.  Dr. Stuart told Jackie she would need three bottles of Candida Cleanser to eliminate her systemic infection since she was well into stage 4 of candida overgrowth. This is why her nervous system was so shot.

To be sure, Jackie sought a second opinion from an iridologist, and he confirmed that she was the worst case of Candida he had ever seen! Per her Osteopath’s directions, Jackie bought 3 bottles and started on her cleansing journey.

A few weeks into her cleanse, Jackie noticed she was managing stressful situations, life, motherhood, and marriage with more grace and ease. She was no longer going to bed at 8pm and dreading work everyday. Suddenly, she had energy to play with her son, spend time with her husband, and soon she realized she was really thriving at work and her performance levels had increased.

People all around Jackie have taken notice to her new demeanor, but the biggest transformation has been her relationship with herself. Jackie used to hate herself and feel like a terrible mother and wife, always exhausted, stressed, and anxious to the point she couldn’t leave the house. Now she realizes it was related to her health all along, and she remarks that the benefits from doing this cleanse have been amazing.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Jackie! Most of all, we are so thrilled you have your health back on every level, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual!

To your health!  -Patty


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