“Ultimately, I Believe The Candida Is Gone, the High Blood Sugars Will Too”

“Ultimately, I Believe The Candida Is Gone, the High Blood Sugars Will Too”

Almost a year ago, at age 53, I was diagnosed a diabetic.

They put me on 2 metformin and 1 glipizide per day. My diet was already fairly good as I had cut refined sugars, bad carbs, butter and all sodas out. I had not totally given up sugar at that point, but it was very limited because I had a vaginal yeast infection for 3 yrs that nothing would help. So I knew something was off, but thought it was menopause related.

I’m BIG on natural – have no insurance and feel prescriptions should be a last effort. But with blood sugars averaging in the 300 range I decided to take meds … until I could get things under control myself – with diet & exercise. I also had my first ever UT – so they put me on antibiotics – which I had not taken in YEARS. I use myrrh and oil of oregano instead and they’ve always worked. The antibiotics killed the yeast infection immediately! But other symptoms began to worsen – for me it was mostly prickly needles in my feet and lower legs – but only at night! And my chest occasionally would flare up with the same – also at night. I felt things were on “fire” and it was painful. I knew it wasn’t arthritis or fibermyalgia – but it felt along those lines, though it was directly related to foods I ate.

Thank goodness my Dr knew about candida and explained much to me, stating I’d need to look online for some “natural remedies” as there was nothing medically that would resolve it – she could only try to treat the symptoms. I immediately began tightening up my eating habits and noticed a huge difference, but the minute I fudged, I felt things kick up. After much research, most of which was very contradicting and confusing, a friend had a friend who was a holistic MD. She too had a problem with candida and had a diet she recommended. I did a 2 week strict diet and as I came off it I was still eating EXTREMELY healthy – but again, things began to recur. I did it again for 4 weeks – and drank a special tonic, silver water, vitamins, supplements and probiotics to build things back up. That lasted 4.5 weeks. I didn’t go back to “normal” eating – I was slowly trying to add a few things in, but still staying away from most sugars or artificial sweeteners, still no white refined foods, no breads, etc – but I felt great! It was the most normal I had felt in a long time. Even my blood sugars came down so much I had to cut my meds in half. But …. as before, things began to recur after 4.5 weeks.

FINALLY my friend had another friend who had tried the CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) and sent me a link. When I read it, it made sooo much sense! I just knew if I could try it, that may be my answer. I am currently just completing my second round of 5 days of taking the CCWS™ capsules. I have felt the candida flare up and let me know it’s mad 🙂 – even my blood sugars have gone back up to about 130, but that only excites me. Because I already eat so healthy and had done so much prior to starting, I have remained at least 90-95% true to my diet and exercise while taking the suppressors. Plus the foods with good fats needed while I’m taking the capsules has been enjoyable – they are things that were not on my strict diet – like whole milk (mmm) – whole cheese (mmm) :). And though I’ve felt a few flare ups, overall I have felt a HUGE difference. I’m at ease regarding my diet. I’m not afraid of everything I eat and constantly worried how I may suffer.

For the most part – I’m feeling overall improvement and looking forward to the finish! During the 10 days in between I determined to hit the candida with a vengeance while it’s protective coat is being compromised. I take oil of oregano, myrrh, silver water, eat lots of fresh garlic, and drink nothing but organic apple cider vinegar water with mother – LOTS of it. I take charcoal to help pull things out and then to replenish and strengthen my body to do it’s work, I take a good liquid vitamin, barley, chia seed and a few natural things to help the blood sugar. My goal is whole! I don’t want to diet strictly every 3-4 weeks and have to carefully watch everything in between. I really believe this product has what I need to reach my goal of whole, and ultimately I believe when the candida is gone, the high blood sugars will be as well. Two birds with one stone :). Thanks to CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor), despite all verdicts of “you’ll have to learn to live with it”, “there’s no cure”, etc, I can live a normal, healthy, whole life! I wish everyone knew about it!

Cathy Channell | North Carolina



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