The Truth About Lufenuron


The Truth About Lufenuron

It’s hard to express how excited I am to share this video with you.

We frequently get statements such as “there’s no proof Lufenuron treats fungal infection,” and there is certainly information promoted online that would lead you to believe that there is a lack of evidence. However, the people behind those statements profit on you staying in the dark.

The truth is, this powerful candida cleanser could have been available many years earlier if Big Pharma weren’t so dedicated to promoting their anti-fungal drugs that are minimally effective at best, and in this video we expose the truth.

Click here to see the original Lufenuron patent documenting how the compound is a safe and highly effective treatment for fungal candida infection, plus many other important facts about the compound. Educate yourself on what the drug companies, and other candida product manufacturers, don’t want you to know about – a cleanse that really works!


What Is Lufenuron?

The active ingredient in our CCWS, The Candida Cleanser is Lufenuron. Derived from the palm tree and rubber plant, it acts as a chitin synthase enzyme inhibitor.

Lufenuron is completely safe, non-toxic (actually more safe to ingest than table salt), and has no negative side effects because nothing in the human body consists of this chitin molecule or these specific enzymes.

Candida fungus grows a protective exoskeleton made of chitin— the same exoskeleton of cockroaches, fleas, and lobster. This stuff is like a fortress wall, totally impenetrable by any force within the human body. Lufenuron interferes with Candida’s ability to make or repair this protective chitin layer cell wall. It does so by suppressing the function of it’s chitin synthase (CHS) enzymes. As Candida’s cell wall collapses your own immune system is finally be able to lay siege to the fungal colony.

Unlike other prescription anti-fugnals that get processed by the liver and damage this vital organ of yours, Lufenuron is not proceed by the kidneys or liver. This means that 

 Lufenuron has NO negative side effects. During the loading periods you body pulls in the Lufenuron. Then during the cleanse it slowly begins to be released for continual action against the Candida fungus. After the last loading cycle Lufenuron can continue releasing for at least another month.

To learn more about our Candida Cleanser protocol go here: The CCWS Candida Cleanser 45 Day Protocol Explained


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Be well,

Patty Yu,
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Community Leader, Candida Cleanser

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