“This really is a whole new feeling.”

“This really is a whole new feeling.”

Hello, this is Jessie, I have finished the course of tablets, the CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor), and now I can report the best news ever, this is the 49th day and the Chitin Layer that was on my buttocks and on and in the anus, at the back of my legs, into the inner legs and grew on and into and around the genitals.

All those area not only had the Chitin Layer but was white in colour from the fungus, all that area bled, was swollen, wept continually and was extremely painful, and not forgetting the maddening itch. I couldn’t sit at all, sometimes, and not for too long, was too painful to walk any distances because of the friction, and the aggravation, and the heat, any kind of heat to that area just inflamed the areas. In other words I just suffered.

You are absolutely right when you say its like living with an alien, BUT now I can report that the Chitin Layer has gone, yeehaa!!! has left the skin very tender and lumpy, only itch’s every now and then.

At this very moment I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the tablets, mind you I thought for a little moment of requesting another bottle of tabs, just for a smidgen of a moment, thank you, thank you and thank you. I feel extremely fantastic, lots of energy, clear of mind, body seems to be functioning fantastically, my immune system is working at full speed, and I think the diet certainly has everything to do with that, and I shall stay with the diet until I feel and know that the candida has slotted back into its place to carry on with the work its suppose to be doing.

Once again a huge thank you and big hugs, huge love to all of you.

Respect and love

PS. I have Aids and hence the immune systems just could not control the candida and so went from bad to worse etc, and I have suffered from aids related illnesses for last last 15/16 years, just a little back ground in my health.

The EM-PRO will help me with the loss of hair and I will start using that on my hair today as per your instructions, as well as beneficial to the health of good bacteria in my gut.

The Moringa will help strengthen my immune system and with getting rid of any parasites that are lurking in my system, with 90 nutrients coursing through my system wow I just can see so much benefits, whilst waiting for these to arrive I had to use a 6 day Canasten cream with applicators, to stop the itch on my genitals, and it has, then with the use of the Moringa, that should stop the crazy itch {probably from parasites} on my anus, please correct me if I’m wrong.

I am so happy to have gotten rid of the Candida Fungus, all the white fungus has gone from my buttocks, genital area, on the back of my upper legs, just under the buttocks and in the inner part of my legs, either side of my genitals. I do not have any of the Chitin Layer left at all on any of my skin, nor do I have any rashes left any where on my body.

My skin gets better and better daily, I have a lot of energy now and have started a walking regime, my mind is clear, my body functions are nearly back to normal and the spit test reveals no Candida, I will be eternally grateful for your help in ridding me of that horrendous affliction called, yeast infection, Candida yeast to Candida Fungus with the chitin layers.

I am extremely happy that it did not turn into cancer.

I will let you know how my body does with the use of these two super healing supports.

Thank you to all

I will add that this all started with a simple yeast infection nearly 2 years ago, before that, in the past 6 years I probably was experiencing at least 3 yeast infections a year, having to deal with Aids related illnesses, {Scleroderma and Raynauds Phenomenum} for the last 15/16 years with the medication and a very low immune system, I knew that if I was to get any sort of infection/s, then I was going to be in for a hell of a ride, and I am not wrong, just dealing with a couple of yeast infections a year was a major undertaking.

So I’m not surprised NOW, that this has been a horrendous and crippling thing to deal and live with, also the rashes I got BEFORE the Chitin Layer set in, were the weeping, bleeding, maddening itch, and extremely painful type, I shudder when I think of what I have had to endure, I hope that my testimonial helps others and if you need to know any more information please just ask me, thank you once again.

Respect and love

Jessie Tuianne TeRuna



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