“The Candida Treatment Has Caused A Remission Of My Melanoma”

“The Candida Treatment Has Caused A Remission Of My Melanoma”

In January 2013, I had surgery on my chest to remove three tumors and several lymph nodes that resulted from skin melanoma.

Before I go further I want to tell you why I am not in favor of conventional cancer treatments. My mother had a biopsy done on her stomach area which caused her cancer to spread. This was in late 1976. She took chemotherapy treatments after the surgery and she went from a robust 135 lbs, 5’2″ to 79 lbs in no time flat. In 1977, her kidneys shut down and she died. I swore if ever I got cancer, I would not take any chemo or radiation. After my Jan 2013 cancer surgery, I was very sick. Took me months to recover. I was offered the standard cancer treatments at Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis, OR, which I refused and I told my doctors why. Additional melanoma tumors gradually appeared on my body after the operation. I start looking around for answers and saw your ad. I completed your candida treatment about 2 weeks ago. I still have 1/2 bottle of the EM-PRO left which I take periodically. Also I have read up on cancer and I agree with your assessment and others that cancer is a fungus. I avoid all sugars and sugar related foods and flour, and eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Many of the tumors diminished in size and so far I have had no additional tumors occur. I do have under the skin but they are much smaller than before. I still have a form of anemia and feel tired much of the time. I believe the candida treatment has caused a remission of my melanoma and as long as I eat right and get plenty of rest, I think I should live a while longer. My age is 73.

Linda Van Caster



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