“The Candida Cleanser is the ONLY Product That Worked For My Mom”

“The Candida Cleanser is the ONLY Product That Worked For My Mom”

The Candida Cleanser is the ONLY product which so far has worked with my Mum´s condition over the last 8 years of her desperate struggle against candidiasis.

The other treatments (suger-free diet, minimizing carbohidrates, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, etc.) have all had a temporary alleviating effect which would soon disappear, with candida overgrowth returning, and the problems with allergies and Krohn syndromes duly returning.

The Candida Cleanser works and is simple to use. The results appear immediately (like in some other anti-candida treatments) but with the Candida Cleanser they do last! The addition of bamboo charcoal for the kill-off effect, and the inclusion of a high potencyfriendly lactobacillus bacteria to take over from the destroyed fungi, complete the treatment.

Highly, recommended.

Indeed, I am now ordering more of this wonderful product as prevention for other family members.

Charles Surma | Orewa, New Zealand



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