Fighting Candida and eliminating overgrowth:

I focused last week’s video on the 5 Stages of Candida Overgrowth.  Be sure to watch it because it will help you assess the extent of your Candida infestation. With this information we can determine the best strategy for fighting Candida that’s right for you.  In this week’s video I share the key action steps.

I have focused on guiding the Candida Cleanser FaceBook Support Group for four years now.  I’ve seen how each of the 3000+ group members came in with unique Candida-related symptoms.  We have helped each person find their stage on the overgrowth spectrum. And with this knowledge, we can find the best strategy for fighting Candida and achieving long-lasting results.

Most common questions on fighting Candida:

  • “How long will it take for me to heal?”
  • “Will I need more than one bottle of CCWS Candida Cleanser?”

Let’s cut to the chase – the more serious your level of Candida overgrowth, the more effort is required to eliminate the infection and heal.  A second bottle may be needed in more severe circumstances, and in milder cases one round of CCWS should be sufficient.

See the important details right here in the video:


For example, someone with a few overgrowth symptoms in Stage 1 could possibly recover rather easily.  They could heal completely just by using quality probiotic supplements and making some dietary adjustments.  If more symptoms are present on the Stage 1 list, however, or you also have some issues from Stage 2, it would be best to use CCWS Candida Cleanser.

Now someone with Candida symptoms stretching into Stages 3-4 will likely need to also heal their digestive tract.  They’ll need to make significant dietary changes and add detox / liver support supplements to their cleanse protocol as well.  And, since healing from more extensive overgrowth takes time, a 2nd round of CCWS would be a big support.

We have many clients who are choosing to use their 2nd round of CCWS back-to-back.  They choose to Cleanse again immediately after their first round because they’re addressing Stage 3 or 4 overgrowth. This is a totally safe option because lufenuron only targets fungal and insect cell walls, not human cells.

Overgrowth Stages:

  • Stage 1 symptoms include bladder weakness, bad breath and body odor, vaginal yeast infections, severe PMS, gas and heartburn, new allergies, unexplained angerand, of course, strong sugar and alcohol cravings.
  • Signs of Stage 2 are unexplained weight gain, ear infections or tinnitus, chronic joint pain or arthritis, acid reflux, headaches or migraines, bladder and urinary tract infections and potentially endometriosis.
  • Emerging issues with Stage 3 are mental confusion, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, dyslexic behavior, muscle twitching, IBS, hypoglycemia, thyroid issues and possible infertility.
  • With Stage 4, endocrine and/or adrenal system problems can occur, severe constipation, full-body muscle weakness and/or hives,
  • Stage 5 progresses to whole body infestation with impact on all organs.

So I encourage you to do a sober self-assessment and, if needed, add a 2nd bottle of CCWS Candida Cleanser to your order (and save on shipping costs too).

And, as always, please join us in the FaceBook Candida Cleanser Support Group today to meet many amazing people transforming their health and creating a wonderful community of support!

Curious for another way to check out peoples’ experience with the Cleanse first-hand?  See our full YouTube video listing here.

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Happy Healing, Patty



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