Success Stories

“Thanks So Much For Saving Me”

My name is Brooke. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis of the uterus seven years ago. I spent two years on continuous antibiotics. After two years I decided to get a hysterectomy at age 28. After my hysterectomy I became severely depressed. I was diagnosed with being bipolar at that time and put on medication.

The side effects were harsh. I gained thirty pounds, lost a lot of hair, had horrible memory, the list goes on. Five months ago I was completely fed up. I got off my medication and replaced it with the Paleo diet and high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega 3s. After three months I wasn’t better but worse. My depression, fatigue and anxiety were out of control.

I kept going to the doctor for more tests, but they couldn’t find anything. I asked the doctor for some oral yeast medication to treat an ongoing itch that I had been having. He prescribed one a week for four weeks. During that time all of my symptoms improved greatly. After I stopped the medication all of my symptoms came back worse. After some research it was clear that I had candida pretty bad. I talked to my doctor about it, but he didn’t know anything about systemic candida. He suggested that I stay on the diflucan indefinitely. I had read that prescription antifungals were hard on the liver, and decided not to go that route. At first I thought I was going to have to stay on an anti candida diet for the rest of my life. Knowing that if I slip up my symptoms would come back.

Then I discovered Candida Cleanser and their “Iron Clad” return policy. It seemed like my best option. The first three weeks were very hard for me. I think it’s because I had so much candida in my system, especially my brain. My emotions were all over the place. My head hurt all the time. I knew it wasn’t the Candida Cleanser because my husband was doing it with me, and only got two headaches with no other ill symptoms. After three weeks I started to get my life back. By the fifth week I was amazing! I have joy for the first time in seven years! My ongoing anxiety is gone! I feel free! I have energy, my clarity of thought is better.

I can’t thank Candida Cleanser enough for saving me! It was so easy too. I ate a healthy diet, but didn’t feel restricted. I can feel myself getting stronger everyday. I will share this product with anyone that will listen. I hope that everyone gets a chance to do a candida cleanse with Candida Cleanser. Thanks so much for saving me!!

Brooke Cherry | Wichita, KS

“My Sex Drive Is Back!”


I have been on and off the Body Ecology Diet for several years along with heavy homeopathics for ridding my body of candida and unless I was extremely strict on the protocol, my candida would come back into detection in my stool samples.

Your product is so strong and powerful that for the first few days I felt such extreme reactions as nausea, sweating, fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, headache, anxiety, and insomnia. I did as recommended and I also did daily enemas and I drank a lot water and rested and within a week my body started to transform. I’ve lost several kilos and practically all of my cellulite disappeared. The texture of my skin changed and even the tone and color of my skin is different. My light acne is completely gone! My hair has a different texture. I am calmer, I have all my energy back, I can sleep at night. My breath doesn’t smell anymore for there is no white coating on my tongue anymore. My vision feels sharper. Colors appear more vivid. Some of these changes are subtle but they are different than what they were, thus ’tis why I am calling your product a true miracle.

My sex drive is back!

I can eliminate 2-4 times a day which I always suffered from mild to severe constipation.

I am so eternally grateful for the gift of life you have given me. You helped me get my true quality of living back. I am very emotional over the rapid transformational process. I spiel recommend your product to everyone on the planet

Thank you again!

Jennifer Moloney | Garden City, NY

“Unspeakable of Appreciation For This Treatment”


Both my husband and I have been using the CCWS™ treatment and the result is amazing. After just 3 or 4 days of the treatment my husband got rid of his heartburn and cough which he have had for more than 20 years. He didn’t know that candida was the problem until 2 years ago when it really got beyond normal levels. First his feet got swollen up and then his legs, hands and arms. All in just a few hours. It took 7 doctors at the hospital before anyone could tell his what was wrong. He got treated with antibiotics. Before using this candida cleanser both my husband and I felt very infirm. Thought it was because of old age (68 years) but now we wake up every morning to a new reality with much more energy. We are unspeakable of appreciation for this treatment!

Helen Danielsson | Lammhult, Sweden

“It Literally Gave Me My Life Back”

testimonial1I’m a healthy lady. One day my Dr. prescribed me VERY strong antibiotics for an extended period of time to make sure I didn’t get an infection after an appendectomy. (Appendectomy runs in my family, it’s very common)

Antibiotics wiped out everything in my body, both the good and the bad bacteria. Little did I know that I needed to repopulate my good bacteria to keep a healthy gut and immune system!

So, about 6 months after I got off my antibiotics I started having symptoms of Candida. I was lethargic all of the time, I couldn’t concentrate, I had zero energy, I craved sweets a lot, I was moody, snappy, and depressed the majority of the time, I couldn’t even get out of bed without an IV dripping coffee in my veins because I was SOO tired in the morning, I caught a cough and 5 months later I still had it, I grew a tummy pootch from all the carbs I was consuming, I developed oral thrush, I drank alcohol and was not phased much by it (I believe the Candida was eating the alcohol faster than I drank it), and my short term memory was worse than it had ever been in my life!

Soon, I sought out a psychiatrist to find out what was wrong with my extremely poor concentration and lack of recall.

I was diagnosed and put on psychiatric drugs for ADD. And those drugs helped with several of my symptoms, accept the constant cough and the ability to drink more alcohol than I was used to.

BUT!!! Without my new drugs, all my symptoms would come back with a vengeance… (that’s when I would develop thrush).

And all of this is on a 26 yr old slim female with a previously perfect health record!

I was on this very expensive ADD medication for several years, unable to function without it. However, I didn’t want to be dependent on those drugs forever, so one day I went cold turkey. And I hated my life. I was absolutely miserable from all of my Candida symptoms!

Then one day my mother suggested if maybe I had Candida. I looked into it and was SHOCKED!!! I did my research and ordered Candida Cleanser right away. Besides being immensely tired from the die off, all of my symptoms started to disappear! I will be eternally grateful for your product because it literally gave me my life back.

Thank you,

Jackie Joy | Casselberry, FL

“Very Small Price To Pay To Rid Myself Of That Horrible Fungus”


I became interested in natural health products a few months ago, when despite all of modern medicine’s hype, and frequent visits to my doctor, my general health was only deteriorating. I wanted to get off the synthetic drugs I was taking, both prescribed, and over the counter, because they were only multiplying my health problems. I read up about what could be causing my chronic ill health, and learned of the Candida syndrome. Everything made sense at last. Most, if not all of my problems could be attributed to this insidious condition.

Looking for a way to fight this Candida though, I could see that there were a great many products, but the vast majority of them involved keeping to a very strict diet which restricted many foods I had eaten all my life, and I knew that I could not keep to such a diet for more than a few days. And then I came across Candida Cleanser. The website clearly and graphically described the problem – and the solution. There seemed a chance to rid my body of this nasty parasite without the need for life-long strict diets. I decided I could drastically reduce my consumption of chocolate, sweet pastries and refined sugars, and not feel too deprived. And if this Candida Cleanser worked, I wouldn’t have to change my lifestyle beyond all recognition. The cost was small when I compared it to my deteriorating health, and a probably much shortened lifespan expectancy.

The eagerly awaited course of capsules and some liquid pro-biotics – all natural and harmless substances arrived within a couple of weeks. The course and instructions were easy to follow, and within a couple of more weeks, I had begun to feel the benefits. Chronic gastric reflux for which I had been taking pharmaceutical pills every day for two years quickly eased off, and now several weeks after the Candida Cleanser course, I no longer need them as the reflux has completely gone. So has distressing itching from my legs, and the chronic sinus problems I have suffered with.
I have much more energy now, and exercise is a healthy part of my everyday life. I am taking other natural supplements too now, and I believe that they will help me regain even more health and vitality that I haven’t had for years.

I would recommend this wonderful, completely safe and effective Candida Cleanser to anyone. The cost was a very small price to pay to rid myself of that horrible fungus that was ruining my health and my life.

Stephan J. | United Kingdom

“I Truly Felt The Impact Of Your Wonderful Product”


I have been slowly rebuilding my complete system over the past 7 years, so my experience may not have been as incredible as most others. Still, I did truly feel the impact of your wonderful product. I felt a powerful spike in my energy levels during the second phase, and a slight hike in sensitivity during the last phase and beyond. I have tried other miracle supplements in the past, almost always experiencing some diverse side effect during the procedure. I am glad to say that I experienced no such effects during my stint with Candida Cleanser. I feel that this aspect of the treatment is most important, because a person may also gain a little insight into their overall health. When combining a healthy product with a healthy body, there should be no diverse effects, which was my experience. As for those who do experience various diverse effects; finish this cleanse and move on to the next. The Parasite Cleanse would definitely be a wonderful place to start. After all, Confucius say; If at first you do succeed try try again! Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity in sharing my wonderful experience.

Stan Kant | Montreal, QC

“The Fungus On My Feet Is Gone”


Candida Cleanser, an awesome product, It looks like the fungus on my feet have gone. I will keep in mind your product, if it appears again I will order again.

Kotaro Yamabuta

“I Felt The Effects Immediately! The Itching And Sneezing Stopped”


Let me begin this story by saying that 4 years ago I was 100 pounds overweight.

Looking back, I can definitely say that I had candida overgrowth but I did not know it at the time. I cleaned up my act and managed to drop 100 pounds and keep it off for 4 years. I feel fabulous. The only symptom that I was not able to get rid of was mild systemic itching and mild allergies which were greatly improved but not eliminated. I do know that it would be worse if I had an occasional splurge on a high carbohydrate meal

I saw your ad and was skeptical. I think the picture of the little alien did it—just does not look real. I thought, “What the heck. I will try it.” I have finished the bottle of Candida Cleanse. I felt the effects immediately. The itching and sneezing stopped. I was totally surprised. I feel better than ever. I did not experience any “die off” but like I said, I had pretty much cleaned up my diet by the time I found your product…

I truthfully believe that in today’s toxic world that we live in everyone should do an occasional cleanse. I will probably repeat it myself in another year. I highly recommend this product to people suffering from mysterious symptoms that do not do away.

Suzy Funk | Macungie, PA

“There Is No Other Product Out There With As Much Potency and Effectivity As The Candida Cleanser”


My experience with the candida cleanser was an amazing one.

There is no other product out there with as much potency and effectivity as the candida cleanser. I am a massive individual with a lot of room and when I began to take the candida cleanser I felt the effect in as little as the 2nd phase, which is a a day more of two weeks. This gave me great comfort and confidence in myself as well as my peers.

Being able to hold my head high amongst many people who just are gorgeous naturally meant a great deal for me because my sores and blemishes made me look ridiculously unreal maybe a clown perhaps because no one takes you seriously when from looking at you apparently you don’t either. Because I have taken different medications growing up, it annihilated my liver and caused great discomfort of the physiology within my body. “Please forgive, I was being eaten alive!!”

Today I can’t feel the little bugs crawling around in my skin all day except for a few occasions like when I resort to the diet that got me this disease in the first place. Take it from all the other testimonials if you don’t believe mine buy the product enhance the quality of your life period.

Aquino Cole | Daytona Beach, FL

“Thank You For This Miraculous Candida Cleanser”


Quite recently I have finished the candidacleanser treatment. After at least 20 years of tremendous efforts, I am só glad to tell you that finally I have successfully won the battle against candida!

A whole lot of foods that I was not able to digest, is now available for me! And there lies the big danger to me, because I am a coeliac patient. I did not really look what the contents of some packed foods was and so I took wheatgluten for a few times, which made me very sick.

Thank God that all the candida has gone, so now I was able to notice that my complaints came from gluten and no more from candida! I feel só much better now! Candida had taken over my life since many many years. I could hardly eat anything without getting severe allergies, especially my nose, fronthead infection, my eyes, intestins and many more problems.

I have told some friends already about your candidacleanser: how extraordinary it is! When I eat glutenfree, I have none problems anymore! My hayfever is gone also! I am 72 years old and my body is rejuvenating now!

It has cost me a fortune over the years: all the medication I have bought and got from the doctor to get rid of candida. And nothing really helped. Perhaps for an hour or two and then the symptoms came always back. I can sleep now without asthmatic breathing difficulties, I don’t need the nosesprays anymore, my eyes don’t tear anymore and I don’t have red eyelids anymore! The red color is slowly coming back on my cheeks again (not when I have eaten gluten..) and my energy is growing (also not when eating gluten..).

But again I want to thank you for this miraculous candida cleanser that came with probiotics and a bottle of Zeoco charcoal. I am só grateful that I have spent my last money to try this remedy!! I can and will advise it to everybody! I am beginning a new life now! Thank you só much!

Daisy Merkens-van Leeuwen | Netherlands

“I Can’t Believe It!”


I am amazed.

I am 86 and pretty healthy apart from skin problems from over-exposure to the sun as a teenager.
Since the age of 40 I have had over 1000 skin cancers, blemishes, etc treated or frozen off and my legs and arms and face have been covered with coarse lumps.

Since finishing your candida course over the 45 days, I can’t believe it! My legs and arms, face and nose have all cleaned up, are so smooth, with all the calluses peeling off.

I am forever grateful.

Jon Hawley | Sydney, Australia

“I’m Free Of The Foggy and Fatigue Caused by Candida”


I have been battling with candida for decades, as have so many. All remedies fell short of what was needed to eradicate the pesky critters. I’m sure my health and well being has suffered immeasurably and it is very hard to muster the permanent discipline to go 100% organic green to keep the condition dormant. I found that within a short time I responded positively to the Candida Cleanse and I have had no adverse reaction regarding the die off. Already my mental well being and physical have improved and I feel myself again after a very long time. Being older I had pretty much written off many of my ambitions and I am finding with this new energy that age needn’t be an impediment to realising dreams as long as one is in good health and free of the foggy and fatigue causing Candida.

Stephanie Sinclaire

“I Already Feel The Effects Of The Cleanse On Day 5!”


Having reached my early 40’s , I felt it was more than time to pay back my body with another random act of kindness! Another DETOX perhaps? (I have done many over the years) But whilst most detox’s concern taking dietary measures and drinking concoctions to help ,release, dispurse and remove toxins from the body’s system, I always wondered about the parasites that fed on our toxins and waste …..would they be starved?

So inspired to research a lot more on the subject….I came across the idea of cancer as a fungus and thriving in fungal communities! I came across Candida Cleanser and something about it struck a chord and just made sense. So I took a chance and ordered some!

I am just at the end of the first treatment (5 days) and already feel the effects of the cleanse!! It’s quite remarkable really! I feel, cleaner already, not to mention lighter,(less dense), more focused and fluid, less easily fatigued and generally well being!! I am very excited to finish the full course and see just how much energy returns to me as the parasites release their grip on MY Biosystem!

Thank you

Sean Edwards | England, UK

“I had Fungal Ear Infections for 8 Years, Now Its Gone”

I have had a fungal ear infection for eight years. Went to doctors, tried a lot of different things but each flair up would get worse. Was at my wits end, it was driving me nuts, but then found your product. I followed the directions exactly and by the end could not believe it but it seemed to be gone. I continue to watch my diet and put a few drops ofcolloidal silver in each ear daily. It has been over a month and no sign of it returning. Thanks so much. Fells like a heavy burden has been lifted. Hope more people with fungal infections will find you.

Kevin Ryan

“Huge Improvement In My Energy Levels With Mucht Less Brain Fog”

I am half way through the candida cleanse with the CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) and am already noticing a huge improvement in my energy levels, with much less brain fog. I wake up feeling more rested. My candida had gotten so bad I would sometimes start shaking and having trouble breathing, it made it frightening to leave the house. I haven’t had any of that shaking since I started taking this product, and the trouble breathing is slightly reduced. I have more confidence to get out more now knowing that shaking will not happen. I took this product because I was desperate, my candida was dangerously high and out of control, nothing seemed to work. I am feeling very optimistic about how this product is working. It is definitely worth a try! I recommend people with high levels of candida get the full package with the Zeoco charcoal and probiotic, they have been very helpful helping my body handle the detox. Thank you so much for this product!

Annette Alen | Newsberg, OR

“The Candida Cleanse is AMAZING”

Hello Clare, The candida cleanse is an amazing product. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better, think more clearly, and have better energy. Before I used candida cleanse, I had a doctor examine my blood with a dark field microscope. Under a dark field microscope, individual blood cells become visible along with parasites, bacteria, fungus, even viruses. It was ALARMING to see how much candida was in my blood!

I was not aware of any symptoms of unusual tiredness, foggy thinking, or anything else out of the ordinary because, for me, that was just the way I was used to feeling and it seemed normal to me. I thought I felt OK. The truth was, I had forgotten what it felt like to be in vibrant health. Once I discovered your product, I became determined to get rid of the candida completely. I combined Your recommended, easy to follow, 45 day regimen with a daily colonic cleanse to put the toxins released by the cleanse on a fast track out of my body.

Now, that may be a little hard for some people to do but it worked for me, If you can’t do that, then use the product that they offer along with the candida cleanse which mitigates the symptoms of The cleansing caused by the immune system’s reaction to it’s new-found ability to attack the candida. The only reaction I had was some nausea and such for a while on the evening of the fourth day. It was quite manageable. After that, my mind seemed more clear and I really felt better, I lost the craving for sugar, and I began to lose fat. It has been two months now since I began the cleanse and I am still losing fat. Two belt notches (going on three). During weekdays I get about 20 minutes of walking each day at work just going about my normal routine, so I am not going to any extremes with exercise and I am still slowly loosing fat, mostly from my waist and stomach. I am able to meditate more easily now without the mental clutter. The candida cleanse is an amazing product. I highly recommend it! Thank You!

Kevin | Dallas, TX

“I Would Recommend Candida Cleanser To Anyone Suffering From Candida”

Clare, I just wanted to say thank you for your product. I purchased a bottle of Candida Cleanser not believing that it would truly help. I feel like I have tried every remedy in the world without success and thought that Candida Cleanser would fall into the same category. I was completely amazed with the results after a short period of time. My mind was clearer, I slept better, and I could feel a difference. The Candida tried to fight back after the first round but quickly gave up the fight. I have not felt this way in years and I am grateful that you have made this product available on the market. I would recommend Candida Cleanser to anyone suffering from Candida.

Thanks again!

R Miller | West Point, UT

“I Got Rid Of My Toenail Fungus, Which I Wasn’t Able To For Years”

The candida cleanser seems to have worked to get rid of my toenail fungus which I have been unable to get rid of for several years. I only finished my treatment last month, but already there is a big difference in my toenail discoloration. The new growth is clear, but unfortunately toenails take a long time to grow so the discoloration is not all gone yet. I believe at the current rate it will all be gone in another month. I highly recommend this product to anybody who struggles with toenail fungus.

Matt Dakins

“I Would Reommend This To Anyone”

There are so many things I want to share so I’ll just start with a few. After doing research on the options online for the products I’ve been very pleased with results for this product. Within a couple days I notice bloating stopped at meal times. My mental fatigue started to subside allowing me to have clearer thinking for work needs. Reduced sleep time has helped me so many times over it’s wonderful how I’m feeling in just over 45 days. I used the 3 different products together for support which would help pull me out when I started to feel bad. All in all I would recommend this to anyone !!

Richard Frost | Arlington, TX

“This Is Victory Over Death”

Dearest Clare, Thank you, thank you, thank you! After hearing from our friends at Raw Food World about Candida Cleanse; and being trapped in the vicious circle of candida for decades… I have finally experienced the expulsion of that old beast. With each five day session(the final day was at first a little trying until) I became grounded in the work and really more present in the process… so it flowed more and more effortlessly; yet with more and more productive action. The die-off side effects were so minimal with maximum results; that I must daily remind myself the old curse is now broken… and the time is ripe to apply the parasite expulsion protocol! Simultaneously clearing old feelings and blocked emotions to assist in a breakthrough over the past habits and struggle, (the proof is in the pudding) all that came up was dissolved like the cell walls… for a permanent healing. This is a victory over death!

William Diamond M.A. | Mount Shasta, CA

“Ultimately, I Believe The Candida Is Gone, the High Blood Sugars Will Too”

Almost a year ago, at age 53, I was diagnosed a diabetic.They put me on 2 metformin and 1 glipizide per day. My diet was already fairly good as I had cut refined sugars, bad carbs, butter and all sodas out. I had not totally given up sugar at that point, but it was very limited because I had a vaginal yeast infection for 3 yrs that nothing would help. So I knew something was off, but thought it was menopause related.

I’m BIG on natural – have no insurance and feel prescriptions should be a last effort. But with blood sugars averaging in the 300 range I decided to take meds … until I could get things under control myself – with diet & exercise. I also had my first ever UT – so they put me on antibiotics – which I had not taken in YEARS. I use myrrh and oil of oregano instead and they’ve always worked. The antibiotics killed the yeast infection immediantly! But other symptoms began to worsen – for me it was mostly prickly needles in my feet and lower legs – but only at night! And my chest occassionally would flare up with the same – also at night. I felt things were on “fire” and it was painful. I knew it wasn’t arthritis or fibermyalgia – but it felt along those lines, though it was directly related to foods I ate.

Thank goodness my Dr knew about candida and explained much to me, stating I’d need to look online for some “natural remedies” as there was nothing medically that would resolve it – she could only try to treat the symptoms. I immediantly began tightening up my eating habits and noticed a huge difference, but the minute I fudged, I felt things kick up. After much research, most of which was very contridicting and confusing, a friend had a friend who was a holistic MD. She too had a problem with candida and had a diet she recommended. I did a 2 week strict diet and as I came off it I was still eating EXTREMLY healthy – but again, things began to recur. I did it again for 4 weeks – and drank a special tonic, silver water, vitamins, supplements and probiotics to build things back up. That lasted 4.5 weeks. I didn’t go back to “normal” eating – I was slowly trying to add a few things in, but still staying away from most sugars or artificial sweeteners, still no white refined foods, no breads, etc – but I felt great! It was the most normal I had felt in a long time. Even my blood sugars came down so much I had to cut my meds in half. But …. as before, things began to recur after 4.5 weeks.

FINALLY my friend had another friend who had tried the CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) and sent me a link. When I read it, it made sooo much sense! I just knew if I could try it, that may be my answer. I am currently just completing my second round of 5 days of taking the CCWS™ capsules. I have felt the candida flare up and let me know it’s mad 🙂 – even my blood sugars have gone back up to about 130, but that only excites me. Because I already eat so healthy and had done so much prior to starting, I have remained at least 90-95% true to my diet and exercise while taking the suppressors. Plus the foods with good fats needed while I’m taking the capsules has been enjoyable – they are things that were not on my strict diet – like whole milk (mmm) – whole cheese (mmm) :). And though I’ve felt a few flare ups, overall I have felt a HUGE difference. I’m at ease regarding my diet. I’m not afraid of everything I eat and constantly worried how I may suffer.

For the most part – I’m feeling overall improvemen and looking forward to the finish! During the 10 days in between I determined to hit the candida with a vengence while it’s protective coat is being compromised. I take oil of oregano, myrrh, silver water, eat lots of fresh garlic, and drink nothing but organic apple cider vinegar water with mother – LOTS of it. I take charcole to help pull things out and then to replenish and strengthen my body to do it’s work, I take a good liquid vitamin, barley, chia seed and a few natural things to help the blood sugar. My goal is whole! I don’t want to diet strictly every 3-4 weeks and have to carefully watch everything in between. I really believe this product has what I need to reach my goal of whole, and ultimately I believe when the candida is gone, the high blood sugars will be as well. Two birds with one stone :). Thanks to CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor), despite all verdicts of “you’ll have to learn to live with it”, “there’s no cure”, etc, I can live a normal, healthy, whole life! I wish everyone knew about it!

Cathy Channell | North Carolina

“I’ve Spent Thousands of Dollars Trying To Get Rid Of Candida, It Didn’t Work, but CCWS™ Did! “

So I have suffered with candida for many years and spent thousands of dollars trying to treat it and rid myself of this horrible yeast overgrowth. There were many times where I could not even leave the house because of the burn like marks that covered my neck,chest,armpits,groin and legs. It has destroyed my self esteem and ability to socialize with other people fearing that i would be judged from these nasty rashes and scars all over my body,there is nothing that I have not tried going all the way to getting serious chemical burns on my body to rid myself of this painful experience. My father seeing the pain that I was in told me of this cell wall suppressor and I was really losing all hope and even suicidal,so I ordered it. The best choice I have ever made, the rashes finally started to disappear and I thought this was to good to be true but they staying gone and I am finally getting the courage to be around people again because my skin looks awesome and I feel great. It is really hard to explain my story in such short words because it has been hell but I thank CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) for giving me my life back and I am so happy now…

Thank You

Shaun Cyr | Slave Lake, AB

“The Rash On My Face Went Away”

I am seeing a reduction in the rash on my hands and legs. The rash on my face went away within two weeks.

I notice less of a craving for my favorite pasta, bread and sweets… a god send. I believe the Candida had gone throughout my bloodstream so am hoping to see even more improvements as time goes on!! I will highly recommend this product to anyone who wants better health!!

Thank you!!


“WOW! I Was Glad To Run Across Your Product”

Wow! Where do I start!? With how sick I was for almost three years!? I just finished my Candida Cleanser journey and can tell you it was the BEST decision that I’ve made concerning my health. I had looked into doing special diets, TOO RESTRICTING and TIME CONSUMING! I was so glad to run across your product. Candida Cleanser made it so easy, that I have been telling ALL my friends!

Darla Guerra | Little Elm, TX

“Measurable Difference In My Health”

Hello Clare,

Yes I did have results from the candida cleanse that I am very pleased with. I ordered the parasite cleanse afterward which I am currently taking.

I do feel an overall sense of well-being I did not have before the cleanse, nor can I say I remember ever feeling this clear-headed or light in my body. The most unexpected physical results were as follows: I have a proliferation of skin tags that have regrown after I had them taken off by the doctor fifteen years ago. To my surprise just days into the cleanse about two or three tags at a time began to change, sort of wither and eventually fall off. This happened over the 45 day period. At least half of the skin tags on my neck are now gone and it looks like it is still working on one or two at a time now and I am really happy with that! Well, I did not remember reading this could be one of the results of the cleanse so I read the information over. When it said some have seen moles disappear I remembered the mole on my forehead which was about 1/4 inch in diameter and slightly raised which I have had at least fifteen years now too. I put my hand to my forehead and could not feel it. Looking into the mirror, it is gone! I can still see the trace of the circle where it was but there is no texture to it. It is as smooth as the surface of the rest of my skin. Too cool!!

I am really happy with how I have been feeling and hope it continues this way. I would not have purchased the parasite cleanse if I did not get these good results with the candida cleanse, however, I have taken a parasite cleanse in years past which I needed. I bought it this time so I can continue to insure my total health.

Thank you for your products and for being there for people who want to help themselves, especially in preventing health issues. Your products have made a measurable difference in my health and I recommend them to friends and strangers! The ordering process and shipping is very reliable too!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Tami Torres | Port Clinton, OH

“My Ear Problems and Dizziness Have Improved”

I am into my second stage of the Candida Cleanser and am feeling much better. The itching on my scalp has improved very much. Also I am having a feeling of well being than I have had for a long time.I definitely feel much better, even after only taking it for a portion of the time.

Also, my ear problems and dizziness have improved. I am looking forward to completing the program.

Joan Daniel

“The Candida Treatment Has Caused A Remission Of My Melanoma”

In January 2013, I had surgery on my chest to remove three tumors and several lymph nodes that resulted from skin melanoma. Before I go further I want to tell you why I am not in favor of conventional cancer treatments. My mother had a biopsy done on her stomach area which caused her cancer to spread. This was in late 1976. She took chemotherapy treatments after the surgery and she went from a robust 135 lbs, 5’2″ to 79 lbs in no time flat. In 1977, her kidneys shut down and she died. I swore if ever I got cancer, I would not take any chemo or radiation. After my Jan 2013 cancer surgery, I was very sick. Took me months to recover. I was offered the standard cancer treatments at Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis, OR, which I refused and I told my doctors why. Additional melanoma tumors gradually appeared on my body after the operation. I start looking around for answers and saw your ad. I completed your candida treatment about 2 weeks ago. I still have 1/2 bottle of the EM-PRO left which I take periodically. Also I have read up on cancer and I agree with your assessment and others that cancer is a fungus. I avoid all sugars and sugar related foods and flour, and eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Many of the tumors diminished in size and so far I have had no additional tumors occur. I do have under the skin but they are much smaller than before. I still have a form of anemia and feel tired much of the time. I believe the candida treatment has caused a remission of my melanoma and as long as I eat right and get plenty of rest, I think I should live a while longer. My age is 73.

Linda Van Caster

“Big Difference In My Digestive and Mental System”

I have been plagued with candida issues for over 30 yrs., It got into my system so much that I had sores, boils in my scalp, suffered from depression. I have to watch my diet closely.. I am just completing the cleanse program and already notice a difference to the sores in my head and my depression is easing away.

During the treatment time, I was very tired and found it was hard on my system.. so figured some thing must be working… It is still soon for me to say a lot but do notice a big difference already in my digestive and mental system.

Ruth Wagner

“The Candida Cleanser is the ONLY Product That Worked For My Mom”

The Candida Cleanser is the ONLY product which so far has worked with my Mum´s condition over the last 8 years of her desperate struggle against candidiasis. The other treatments (suger-free diet, minimizing carbohidrates, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, etc.) have all had a temporary alleviating effect which would soon disappear, with candida overgrowth returning, and the problems with allergies and Krohn syndromes duly returning.

The Candida Cleanser works and is simple to use. The results appear immediately (like in some other anti-candida treatments) but with the Candida Cleanser they do last! The addition of bamboo charcoal for the kill-off effect, and the inclusion of a high potencyfriendly lactobacillus bacteria to take over from the destroyed fungi, complete the treatment.

Highly, recommended.

Indeed, I am now ordering more of this wonderful product as prevention for other family members.

Charles Surma | Orewa, New Zealand

“I Feel An Acutal Cure!”

I am a 59yr old woman who has suffered from candida most of my life. I have been diagnosed with gluten and dairy sensitivity and have tried my best to stay on the candida diet for many years. The past few years I have been dealing with a urinary tract infection that just kept reoccurring, it would go dormant for awhile and then flare up if I ate or drank anything sweet. Your product took care of my problem. I have been free of that awful feeling now for a few months and I feel great!!! This is the only candida product that I have taken that I feel is an actual cure.T

Thank you so much for bringing this product to light, it has changed my life!!!

Colleen Lucas | PA

“I am VERY Impress… Massive Improvement”

I completed the Candida Cleanse to a T … I was badly infected with candida overgrowth, probably since childhood and now in my 60’s … been struggling with it all my adult life … suffering through diets and anti-fungals … I am VERY impressed … there has been a massive improvement.

Thank you

Carolyn Hurn

“I Now Feel Better Than I Have In Years”

I have been battling candida for years now. I have been to several doctors for my symptoms to no avail, and also tried antifungals and other supplements with probiotics. I sometimes felt better for awhile, but my symptoms always came back. I found your site and decided to try the candida program. At first I felt worse, which I knew was a good sign. After a few weeks I now feel better than I have in years!

Thank you again!

Jeanie James | Bandon, OR

“The CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) Is Fantastic”

The candida cleanse is all it says it is, it just plain works. I was having serious stomach upset for years before using you products. CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) is fantastic.

Janet Couch | Pawling, NY

“I Felt Better, Felt Fitter, Looked Better and Had More Energy”

I suffered from this unknown diseases for over five years. It would come and go on occasions but gradually got worse, so much so, it affected my feet, hands, legs face and skin. Everywhere really. I tried all medicines, spent fortunes on doctors and hospitals who just kept taking blood samples but couldn’t pin point the issue. So after some self research, I discovered this thing called Candida. My Candida was so bad that it got into my bloodstream, causing absolute havoc as it does, swelling my face. Doctors said I was allergic to most things when I never had any allergies growing up.

I tried Fivelac and it worked but not permanently, so it is quite expensive to keep that going also. So I was quite intrigued (and skeptical I might add) to come across a product stating that it could cure me permanently. So, I decided to just give it go, did the course as outlined to the T. And it worked, after the course and even during it, I felt better, felt fitter, looked better and had more energy. It has been about four months now and it is gone, I have no issues, well no issues with Candida. Wonderful product. Highly recommend it.

Gareth Rogers

“You Can’t Imagine My Surprise and Delight…”

For years I’d been plagued with candida symptoms no doctor could fix: fatigue, insomnia, fungus, bloating and lack of energy. Many online remedies promised results but did not deliver. When I discovered Candida Cleanser I thought “OK, here’s one more shot in the dark”. You can’t imagine my surprise and delight when, after the 45 day treatment, I found myself candida free. I followed up with the simple “spit test” and I passed! No little tell-tale “tails” growing down from the saliva sample in the clear glass of water. (For years, the opposite was true). I am grateful for having found Candida Cleanser and I recommend it to everybody who suffers this bothersome condition.

Janet Couch | Pawling, NY

“The White Coating On My Tongue Is Completely Gone!”

I used the Candida Cleanse and for the first time in my life I have a pink tongue. The white coating that has been on my tongue is completely gone!

Steve | NY

“I Felt The Fungus Being Removed From My Head”

I was amazed at my cleansing reaction to this product. I eat a very healthy diet and have done cleansing including parasite cleansers. I took this product as a precaution as I have had candida problems in the past. I was not expecting the level of brain fogginess that lifted! I could actually feel the fungus being removed from my head. I am sleeping better, more soundly and awakening with more energy. Best of all, my thinking just seems clearer without the grogginess requiring coffee to get focused. It is as if a static radio in the background was suddenly turned off! I am recommending this product to my friends.

Oriana Marici Holubiczko | Sahuarita, AZ

“The Pressure In My Head and Behind My Eyes Is Gone”

Both my husband and I did the 45 day Candida Cleanse. My husband had very few detox symptoms during the cleans and I had some on and off nausea, so it really went quite well. The Zeoco detox support seemed to really help. The biggest improvement my husband noticed was that his toenails are so much better. The color is now normal and they aren’t as horny. As for me, my biggest improvement is in the sinus area. The pressure in my head and behind my eyes is gone. We both plan to do this yearly to keep the yeast in check and improve our health. Since we are senior citizens, this is becoming more and more important for us.

Anyway, I’m very grateful for a yeast protocol of this simplicity.

Thank you

Joanne Slanina | Okemos, MI

“We Are Pleased With Your Product”

My wife, her caretaker and I have finished the course of pills that constitute the Candid Cleaser regimen. We are pleased with your product and have not had any uncomfortable side effects from it. The hardest part is waiting the 10 days between taking the pills to finish the course. It’s also the easiest part. I haven’t taken any other products, so I cannot compare, but anyone concerned about candida overgrowth should definitely consider taking your product.

Mike Garrett | Odessa, NY

“An Amazing Programme Which Can Help Masses To Be Rid Of This Life Draining Parasite”

I have just finished the Candida Cleanse programme and want to thank you tremendously for discovering such an amazing programme which can help the masses to be rid of this life draining and controlling parasite….

The whole experience for me was quite comfortable as I eat very healthily most of the time, so the die-off symptoms were: feeling light headed and quite ‘high’ for the first few days of taking the capsules; intense tiredness, like exhaustion, periodically. As I progressed through the programme, these symptoms went, and now: I have much more energy than before taking the C.Cleanse My mind does feel much clearer and brighter My creativity and motivation has greatly increased I have made even healthier dietary changes I am balanced, instead of fluctuating between ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ I feel greatly empowered and am making good, healthy choices in life for myself I feel having an inner parasite controlling you also attracts ‘external’ ones and I am aware of this and am not allowing anyone else to ‘feed’ off me in a negative way, or control or over-influence me away from my own ‘healthy’ truth.

Lesley Dewdney | United Kingdom

“I Feel Rejuvenated Since The Use Of Your Product”

Since I read about your solutions and the stories behind, I tried your candida cleanser a few weeks ago.

I must say that I feel rejuvenated since the use of your product. I feel less depressed and I’ve joy again in my work. I used to have a lot of allergies, but since the use of the CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) they melted away like snow in the sun.

I would like to thank you for the solutions you offer to regain health for everybody.

Tom Bartholomeeussen | Belgium

“The Candida Detox Is Amazing”

I had a doctor examine my blood with a dark field microscope before I used your system. It was ALARMING how much fungus was visible in my blood! I used your candida eliminator in combination with a daily colonic detox to facilitate flushing the waste material from the process out of my system

This greatly minimized the reaction from my immune system by putting the toxins released during the process on a fast track out of my body. I used it as described: 4 capsules per day for 5 days @ 4 hour intervals then 10 days off repeated for three 15 day cycles. It’s an easy 45 day regimen. There was a little nausea and vomiting on the evening of the fourth day which was to be expected and it was pretty easy to deal with.

After that, I started feeling better. My mind became more clear, quieter, less cluttered, I was able to meditate more easily. I sleep better now and have more energy. I no longer crave sugar. I have lost several inches from my waist and I am continuing to loose fat a month after completing the program! The “love handles” are gone and I am beginning to see definition in my abs. How can this be? I am not doing any sit ups! My friends are noticing that I am losing weight. I feel calmer, happier,and less stressed.

The candida detox is amazing! It feels so good to finally get that stuff out of my body. I can hardly wait to examine my blood once again with a dark field microscope.

Steven Reed | Plano, TX

“The Size Of My Abdomen Has Reduced”

I must say to you that I am indeed grateful for somehow tripping across your information regarding the CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor). I have struggled with candida for the major portion of my life, and it is truly a blessing to find a product that works so well. The size of my abdomen has reduced, gas is reduced, and I have much clearer thinking. Thank you again.

Helen Hill | Canada

“I Can’t Believe How The Candida Cleanser Affected My Body!”

I cannot believe how the Candida Cleanse affected my body! I have had fibromyalgia since I was 10 years old and I am now 54. I had tried everything to help alleviate the pain. I had heard off and on over the years the word “candida” and how it is linked to so much misery in the human body but I only had temporary relief when I tried eating in ways that did not feed the candida. It was hopeless and I was discouraged. When I finally came across this cleanse, I have to admit that I was suspicious. You see, I’ve tried so many things that I’ve gotten tired of trying. Eventually, I decided to try it. On Day 2, I noticed a significant lifting of the brain fog. I also noticed the onset of a slight yeast infection. I began to experience a noticeable change in the way the pain was manifesting in my body. Fibromyalgia is diagnosed more by the presence of pressure/pain points in strategic places in the body. My pain had gotten so bad that I felt like the areas surrounding those pressure points were full of pillow-like stuffing and all of it was painful. The pain quickly receded back to the pressure points and has dramatically diminished. Also, I had a thick toenail that has thinned out and looks “normal” again. I had peeling skin around my ears and into the ear that created dandruff-like flakes on my clothes and in my hair. That has almost entirely disappeared and I’ve been suffering with that for over 15 years. The medical community has been filling me with all sorts of medications that may have alleviated symptoms but never pulled out the root. Finally, I believe I’ve found the root problem and I’m on my way to true healing. Thank you for this product!

Rae Ann Richard

“No More Asthma Medicine”

My name is David Brown. When I first heard of this cleanse, I immediately though it was going to be one of those “over hyped” marketing ploys. Earning big profits for the supplier leaving the user with that burned feeling; I knew better..AARRGGh!! Combating Candida is not a new topic for me. I remember first hearing the stories in the late seventies about this yeast that controls your emotions and motivates you to eat “High carbohydrate/ sugar loaded ” food. It would also go crazy when it was over cast making you crave “comfort food”. That certainly explained a lot. Well this cleanse was a pleasant surprise. The cleanse was easy on my system(though it was not my first cleanse). Almost no kill off symptoms. After the first two treatments, I noticed that my asthma, which had gotten way out of control over the past 5 years, was virtually abated. No more asthma medicine. My dandruff condition which I had been fighting a losing battle for some 15 yr’s, was significantly improved. My energy significantly improved after the final treatment. My sinuses are much clearer now.

I am very pleased. Thanks.

David Brown | San Diego, CA

“I’m 66 Years Old, And Now I Feel Great”

I am 66 years of age and have suffered on and off with Vaginal thrush, itchy patches on my skin and in my ears. Some days my ears where so raw and inflamed only steroids would give me relief. I have known over the years that steroid use was detrimental to my health and after searching the website and finding your Candida site, I felt I had nothing to lose. It has been close to three months since your treatment and I have not had to use steroids in my ears, the fungal in my toenails has cleared away and I feel great.

I can only recommend that anyone having any of the above symptoms GIVE IT A GO, it is easy to follow and causes no interruption to your everyday way of life.

Thank you so much.

Kathy Ferguson | Auckland, New Zealand

“My 15 Years of Symptoms Are Improved”

I’ve had night sweats, skin rashes, brain fog, stomach issues, pms and insomnia for at least 15 years. I’ve done every yeast cleanse I could find at whole foods. I’ve probably done 10-15 yeast cleanses in the last five years. I finished this cleanse on Saturday and now it’s Wednesday. For the last two weeks I’ve been working out at least once a day, sometimes two or three (if you count going for walk/runs). This is the first time in a year that I’ve had the energy to workout. Also I haven’t had the night sweats that basically feels like all the yeast is settling in my back radiating down into the mattress. My skin hasn’t had the bumps in my cheek that are itchy. I didn’t really feel much of a die off, maybe just some tiredness but overall I think this product really works the best of anything I’ve tried. I liked the theory behind it because yeast is a tough one to kill and this makes sense. Great product, my mom is currently doing it so obviously I’m recommending it to friends and family.

Caroyln Heaton

“I Immediately Felt Better”

I tried many different methods to get rid of my systemic candida for about 4 months. I’ve been on many different diets and caused myself a lot of grief and stress trying to get rid of it. A friend told me about this product and after the month that I took it I immediately felt better with many symptoms immediately clearing up. It was a big relief to finally cure this, and now I can continue my life without the restraint of my candida problem.

Will Synder | Hacienda Heights, CA

“I Noticed A Freeness In Movment Like Never Before”

I have had systemic candida issues practically all my life and suspect this to be central to a lot of my health issues. The CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) was worth a try.

Having done a lot of candida clearing and eating a diet that is pretty devoid of carbohydrates, simply to manage the candida, I was wondering what would happen.

The burn off came in the form of muscle pain. I have chronically tight and sore muscles and a fibromyalgia type state and from taking the CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) I got a flare up of pain in my tight muscles which when it cleared I noticed a freeness in movement that hadn’t been there before. I’ve got more energy and my fitness seems to be improving. In the past it did not matter how much I exercised I did not seem to get any fitter.

Lorraine Blackley

“I Was Surprised At How Many Symptoms Disappeared”

I have been working as a health practitioner and physiotherapist for 25 years and in that time I have used many products both for myself and for my clients. I found Candidacleanser to be the most effective product I have ever used to clear candida. I was surprised at how many symptoms disappeared in the weeks following completing the course. My aches and stiffness have significantly reduced, I have far more energy, sleep better and experience a deep sense of well being. I’m now suggesting it to my clients which is easy as not having to go on very restrictive diets makes it very simple and easy to comply with. I think the Candidacleanser should be part of everybody’s health protocol and it is something I will repeat over the years to maintain my great health. Thank you for making such an awesome product available, it is sure to help many many people who desperately need it.

Mark Washington | Australia

“My 13 Years Toenail Fungus Is Gone”

The biggest change I noticed was the fungus in my big toe nails – I have been carrying around fungus in (particularly) my left big toe for 13 years, even having my toe nail removed to see if that would fix it. It came back once my toenail grew back, or after I treated myself to nail polish on my toenails. After taking the Candida Cleanse, no more fungus and I am now proud to display my feet without anybody shrieking in horror because of what they used to look like. Thank You.

Lynn Lewis

“”My Digestion Is Now Stellar”

I’d just like to take a few minutes to say thank you so much for the Candida Cleanser! I wasn’t sure what to expect, since the protocol was so simple. I’m used to rigorous diets with much discipline required, so your formula was a big change in thinking for me. Needless to say, I was highly skeptical. Worth a shot, though, I figured!

When the Candida Cleaner arrived in the mail, I again could not believe some little capsules were going to get rid of my candida for good. But by the end of the fourth day, I could already feel things changing. I have had a few really bad spots of eczema on my body for as long as I can remember… and they were actually healing! A few days later, the spots were completely replaced by calm skin. The second change I noticed was with my digestion, and it is the most important. My digestion is now stellar. I can even eat grains now, which was unheard of in my past.

Anyways, thank you again for making such an effective product so easily available. I can now work and play with energy to spare!

M. LaRocque | Canada

“Your Product Had Done The Job And Well”

I found your product unique as it cleared my infection which was a moderate one but had some reactions whilst the protocol was under way. However all symptoms have gone and I feel much better than before use.

I have read this fungus is very hard to eliminate but it seems your product had done all of the job and well.

Wayne Eligur | Tucson, AZ

“Am so grateful because I am beginning to heal”

I just finished the candida cleanse today and am so grateful because I am beginning to heal from the pain and agony suffered for the last two decades. I tried everything when I discovered I was suffering from systemic and chronic candidiasis. This has been the most effective treatment yet against this parasitic infestation, and I am so grateful for finding hope at last; when modern medicine has refused to even entertain the possibility that such an illness even truly exists.

Thank you so much,

Carolyn Wright

“I feel so much clearer in my head”

I had to write in with my testimonial for the candida cleanse. I finished on the 27th September, and have only just come round from the ‘die off’ period. Oh ghee, I’m sure I have certainly cleared out forty years of old stuff buried deep inside my system. It started in the middle of the first round where when I woke in the night and my head was heavy and felt dizzy. By the morning it was gone. Then in the middle of the second round, I woke in the morning with the same heaviness, I had to stay in bed it was so bad, I woke at midday and it was gone. Then on the final round I got flu like symptoms on the second day that lasted thru till 2days afterwards. So I thought that would be it (thinking that wasn’t bad). But after another four days I got the ‘soup’ head and bunged up feeling for a couple of days, and that was followed by ten days of crazy flu, a lot of sneezing, coughing and blocked up sinuses! Phew am I glad it’s over!!

I must say though that it was some surprise to me, as I am not one for getting sick, I suppose because it’s been hidden in the candida for all these years.
I do feel so much clearer in my head. My joints don’t ache and my energy’s back!!! This says a lot for an obese person like myself. I am now motivated towards living a healthier lifestyle and moving easier with it. I’m recommending the candida cleanse to everyone! It’s so worth it!

Thank you and sending my kind regards

Luisa Agliatta

“It does everything stated it does”

I am writing to say I am amazed how this product works. It does everything stated it does. I tried everything to rid myself of fungal fingernails. I used lots of lotions, potions, and antibiotics, which never worked. I have since purchased another 3 bottles for friends and family. How does it get any better than this?

MaureenM Leach | UK

“Proof to me that this program actually worked”

I’ve been dealing with the effects of Candida for a long time now, and I must have tried every product, pill, diet, special foods, you name it. I ran across your website while doing more research and ended up reading the whole thing. You had a different “take” on the whole Candida issue, and it seemed to make a LOT of sense to me. I decided to give your Candida Cleanser a try. To be honest, I was hopeful but expecting it to only partially work, if at all, just like all the other products I’ve tried over the years. Well, my expectations were to be very much exceeded!

Before I started the program, I mapped out the next 6 weeks of the schedule to make sure I could stick to it faithfully. I was all clear. The first few days were rough as the die off was fierce. It eased a bit during the first 10 days off period.
The die off was not as bad during the second phase, and by the time I got to the third and final phase the die off effect was almost nonexistent. That was proof to me that this program actually worked. I feel so much better now, it’s amazing. I know that I’m now Candida FREE. I can’t thank you enough for providing such an excellent product, and for providing the necessary information to use it effectively. I was pleasantly surprised to get a product that actually works as promised. I plan to do this once a year as a maintenance program. Thank you.

Jeffrey Wildermuth | Port St Lucie, FL

“This really is a whole new feeling.”

You guys have really done something here, and I want to thank you seriously, thank you….. I finished the first round last friday. All I had experienced ’til then was a night of intensely itchy skin.
By saturday night I hurled supper and went to bed, feeling like a house fell on me. I hurt all over.
By sunday I was seeing yellow diarrhea in such quantity that I just couldn’t believe. I would never had dreamed I was that infected. How insidious this candida is. It is way more intelligent than anyone gives it credit for.
Anyway, it’s thursday night. I worked half a day today and gaining strength back. I knew I had several hard cysts in between my ribs.
They are disappearing rapidly. What I didn’t know was that I had a large tumour above my stomach and I know it is rapidly downsizing too.
I haven’t had a coffee since saturday and have decided to stay off it.
I now know I was drinking a lot of it for energy because my cells were being robbed. My cells are banging along at such a high frequency, and they are hungry. I ate like a horse tonight. This really is a whole new feeling.
Again thank you and congratulations.
Have there been any attacks from vested pimprest yet. When they get wind of this, they probably will send some one out to snoop. Don’t let them grab this.

Tony Heil

“This really is a whole new feeling.”

“Hello, this is Jessie, I have finished the course of tablets, the CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor), and now I can report the best news ever, this is the 49th day and the Chitin Layer that was on my buttocks and on and in the anus, at the back of my legs, into the inner legs and grew on and into and around the genitals, all those area not only had the Chitin Layer but was white in colour from the fungus, all that area bled, was swollen, wept continually and was extremely painful, and not forgetting the maddening itch, I couldn’t sit at all, sometimes, and not for too long, was too painful to walk any distances because of the friction, and the aggravation, and the heat, any kind of heat to that area just inflamed the areas, in other words I just suffered, you are absolutely right when you say its like living with an alien, BUT now I can report that the Chitin Layer has gone, yeehaa!!!, has left the skin very tender and lumpy, only itch’s every now and then, I keep the areas clean with coconut oil and flaxseed oil, and keep a low sugar diet, have been off wheat, dairy ,alcohol and caffeine free for about 6 months, and still using bi carbonate of soda with lemons as a drink, lovely and refreshing, and drinking copious amounts of dandelion and chickory tea/coffee and using the bentonite clay,as a drink and as a ointment, I mix the clay with Vaseline to help it stick to the skin and it works just fine, the ratio is one to one, one tablespoon of clay to one tablespoon Vaseline, mix together until smooth and use straight away,the Vaseline helps keep the skin supple so the clay can do its healing and certainly is a great healer, at this very moment I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the tablets, mind you I thought for a little moment of requesting another bottle of tabs, just for a smidgen of a moment, thank you, thank you and thank you, I feel extremely fantastic, lots of energy, clear of mind, body seems to be functioning fantastically, my immune system is working at full speed, and I think the diet certainly has everything to do with that, and I shall stay with the diet until I feel and know that the candida has slotted back into its place to carry on with the work its suppose to be doing, once again a huge thank you and big hugs, huge love to all of you.

Respect and love

PS. I have Aids and hence the immune systems just could not control the candida and so went from bad to worse etc, and I have suffered from aids related illnesses for last last 15/16 years, just a little back ground in my health.”

“Hello to all, I have received the orders today and have started taking them, the EM-PRO will help me with the loss of hair and I will start using that on my hair today as per your instructions, as well as beneficial to the health of good bacteria in my gut, the Moringa will help strengthen my immune system and with getting rid of any parasites that are lurking in my system, with 90 nutrients coursing through my system wow I just can see so much benefits, whilst waiting for these to arrive I had to use a 6 day Canasten cream with applicators, to stop the itch on my genitals, and it has, then with the use of the Moringa, that should stop the crazy itch {probably from parasites} on my anus, please correct me if i’m wrong, I am so happy to have gotten rid of the Candida Fungus, all the white fungus has gone from my buttocks, genital area, on the back of my upper legs, just under the buttocks and in the inner part of my legs, either side of my genitals, I do not have any of the Chitin Layer left at all on any of my skin, nor do I have any rashes left any where on my body, my skin gets better and better daily, I have a lot of energy now and have started a walking regime, my mind is clear, my body functions are nearly back to normal and the spit test reveals no Candida, I will be eternally grateful for your help in ridding me of that horrendous affliction called, yeast infection, Candida yeast to Candida Fungus with the chitin layers, I am extremely happy that,, that did not turn into cancer.

I will let you know how my body does with the use of these two super healing supports.

Thank you to all”

“I will add that this all started with a simple yeast infection nearly 2 years ago, before that, in the past 6 years I probably was experiencing at least 3 yeast infections a year, having to deal with Aids related illnesses, {Scleroderma and Raynauds Phenomenum} for the last 15/16 years with the medication and a very low immune system, I knew that if I was to get any sort of infection/s, then I was going to be in for a hell of a ride, and I am not wrong, just dealing with a couple of yeast infections a year was a major undertaking, so i’m not surprised NOW, that this has been a horrendous and crippling thing to deal and live with, also the rashes I got BEFORE the Chitin Layer set in, were the weeping, bleeding, maddening itch, and extremely painful type, I shudder when I think of what I have had to endure, I hope that my testimonial helps others and if you need to know any more information please just ask me, thank you once again.

Respect and love”

Jessie Tuianne TeRuna

“I feel soooo GOOD and sooo young now!”

“Hi Clare, After 45 days of patience taking CCWS, Zeoco and EM PRO, I felt for the first time in my life again since my younger age, the most “brightest”, “nicest” and “super pleasant feelings” in which before in my thoughts will never happen again at my age of 50!

Before, I was suffering from very low energy, always tired, i can’t sleep properly,mood swings, depressed, urinating less, constipated, bloated tummy, heart burn during bed time, knee joint pain, very painful menstrual periods( nurses oftentimes call me “miss monthly period), urinary tract infection,pain in my ears, headaches and seasonal skin itchiness especially during winter or after having showers. After religiously doing the 45 days program taking CCWS, ZEOCO and EM PRO, no exaggeration… everything’s alright with me now! I feel soooo GOOD and sooo young now! 🙂 Can’t believe the energy i have now, FANTASTIC! I also had this tiny blisters in my feet since my teenage years that always left me w/ very rough ugly looking skin reason why I have to always wear socks even if it’s summer….and it’s now gone! 6years ago, I noticed discolouration on my face and I spent a lot of money for those creams promising to get rid of it but it became much worst and i was so desperate! I went to a certain skin clinic a year ago for a consultation about my face pigmentation but i end up for nothing because i’ll be needing £1,300.00 for the 6mos treatment! I can’t afford it! But after the Candida cleansing, amazingly, it’s now becoming lighter (75%) and I can’t explain how happy i am now! These were all part of the bonuses CCWS gave me because the main reason why i took CCWS was because i had “thrush” during my “cervical screening programme” taken last year. I was hesitant to take drugs from the chemists for the treatment, I was really looking for some treatment which is safe for the kidneys. So scared of taking anything that’s not kidney friendly because my mum died of kidney failure. After reading your ebook about candida, i was so impressed with everything in it reason why i took CCWS together with ZEOCO and EM PRO. My thrush is now gone! 🙂 To be honest I was hesitant at first about buying it and about getting anything online, but i was also thinking that if I will not try, then when? My instincts say I should try it and sooo thankful that i tried! Thanks GOD for that and thank you sooo much too Clare for your untiring support in helping me understood everything about “Candida Cleanse” I will surely recommend this to anybody who needs it!

May GOD bless you more and may you be found with those millions and billions of people who needs this “Heaven Sent” products!

My endless thanks to you Clare!
Happy 🙂


“Happy to report I am getting well”

I wanted to tell you folks about how a fungal infection that no Medical person could identify nearly killed me. I’d love to write a testimonial about what has been the worst experience of my life. I
will if you think it would be useful. I am 61 year old male diabetic. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 18 years ago. I stated to have MS like symptom about 12 years when they found two lesions on my frontal lobes. I was told I could have Lupus, MS, and even Bechet’s disorder. I have had severe muscle spasms, frozen shoulders, skin and Scotland lesions, hospitalization for colitis attacks. It was alway “non-specific.” After awhile I was treated like a hypochondriac and prescribed benzodiazepines and antidepressants. I lost jobs, failed to “show up” at important events, and suffered horribly. I could give you a blow by blow and will if you are interested. The amazing thing was that none of these Medical people except for one would even consider the possibility of a fungal infection. They are trained to look for viruses and bacteria, but not fungal issues. I think this is more true if you are male. The only fungal condition they seem aware of are feminine year infections.

I diagnosed my self after reading several articles . For two years I had a thick gluey coating on my tongue that drove me mad. When, I developed a severe sinus infection, the light went on in my head and I realized all of these non-specific complaints were fungus related. They ruined my life. I a. Happy to report I am getting well. Please let me know if you want the specifics of what I refer to as my ‘alien invasion.” It truly felt as if another organism lived within me and had taken over my body. It’s a fascinating tale that I would love to share and am thinking of writing a book about.

Please contact me if any of this sound interesting to you. I am amazed at the the suffering caused by this illness seldom considered by the mainstream medical community.

Al Mele | Holyoke, MA 01040

“I Truly Felt The Impact Of Your Wonderful Product”

testimonial2I have been slowly rebuilding my complete system over the past 7 years, so my experience may not have been as incredible as most others. Still, I did truly feel the impact of your wonderful product. I felt a powerful spike in my energy levels during the second phase, and a slight hike in sensitivity during the last phase and beyond. I have tried other miracle supplements in the past, almost always experiencing some diverse side effect during the procedure. I am glad to say that I experienced no such effects during my stint with Candida Cleanser. I feel that this aspect of the treatment is most important, because a person may also gain a little insight into their overall health. When combining a healthy product with a healthy body, there should be no diverse effects, which was my experience. As for those who do experience various diverse effects; finish this cleanse and move on to the next. The Parasite Cleanse would definitely be a wonderful place to start. After all, Confucius say; If at first you do succeed try try again! Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity in sharing my wonderful experience.

Stan Kant | Montreal, QC


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