Possible Stage 3 Candida Infection

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Candida colonies can take root in other parts of the body such as muscle, bone, eyes, and any other area receiving blood flow. At this stage your behavior and mental health begins to be affected as the fungus is now likely spreading beyond the blood-brain barrier and establishing in new locations throughout the body. Stress on our body’s immune system and waste elimination organs causes deep fatigue. Symptoms may include all of stage one and two.

Symptoms of Stage 1 & 2 plus:  Forgetfulness, memory loss, mental confusion, Inability to concentrate or focus, Unable to think of words, switching words and letters around when speaking/writing , Loss of skills you previous had (ie. typing or playing music),Muscle twitching, Violence, aggression, Thyroid disorders, Endometriosis, Depression, Epileptic seizures, IBS, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, Infertility, erectile dysfunction, Irrational thoughts, phobias, unusual fears, panic/anxiety attacks.

Treatment of Stage 3 Candida Infection

Candida Infection:

At this stage candida is in its fungal form known as SIFO or candidiasis fungal infection. It has infiltrated into the body by exiting the gut through holes it creates in the gut lining.  It will be building fungal colonies in places it shouldn’t be. We recommend our CCWS treatment with 2-3 bottles likely needed coupled with EM probiotic to reduce the mutating yeast. You also should be prepared for die off so zeoco to help with the herx reaction is advised. We also recommend that due to the amount of die off expected you should use a liver support as the body will be quite stressed with toxins.


The gut has been damaged at this point with holes created by the candida hyphae. this allows the candida to invade the body as well as leak food and bacterial particles into the body.  Recommendation is to use a leaky gut support supplement and to follow a gaps protocol during cleanse to strengthen the lining of the gut so you are healing and protecting it.

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Other Comments:

You should consider the Parasite Cleanse that can eliminate other possible issues causing your mild symptoms. Often Candida fungal infection goes hand in hand with a Parasite infection as your body’s immune system gets weaker with advancing infection levels allowing parasites to take hold.

At this point you may also see other gut issues such as SIBO evolving as the body weakens.

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