Possible Stage 1 Candida Infection


Candida grows in the body’s mucus membranes where its always present at low levels – the mouth and entire digestive tract, skin and genitals. Candida is usually kept in check in these areas by our beneficial bacteria, but antibiotics and a high-carb processed diet throws this out of balance. Candida begins to overpopulate these areas of the body causing the beginning of the infection. Symptoms manifest in the mouth, nose, skin, sexual organs, and respiratory system. Often they get little to no attention because they are common amongst people today and are dismissed as not an issue needing attention.

Symptoms include:

Cravings for sugar and/or alcohol cravings , Vaginal yeast infections & UTIs, Digestive issues: gas, heartburn, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, Skin conditions: rashes, eczema, acne, liver spots, Recurring infections of thrush, bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, strep throat, staph infections, Allergies to foods, chemicals, dust, fungus, yeast, molds, and hay fever, Severe PMS, Bladder weakness/ UTIs, Bad breath and body odour, Unexplained anger/rage, Difficulty sleeping.

Treatment of Stage 1 Candida Infection

Candida Infection:

At this stage candida has begun to turn from the yeast form to its fungal form known as SIFO or candidiasis fungal infection. We recommend our CCWS treatment (one bottle should bring it under control) coupled with probiotic to reduce the mutating yeast. You also should be prepared for die off so zeoco to help with the herx reaction is advised.


The gut should be holding well at this point but is vulnerable to permeation by the candida hyphae. Option is to use a leaky gut support supplement or to follow a gaps protocol during cleanse to strengthen the lining of the gut so you are protecting it.

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Other Comments:

You should consider the Parasite Cleanse that can eliminate other possible issues causing your mild symptoms. Often Candida fungal infection goes hand in hand with a Parasite infection as your body’s immune system gets weaker with advancing infection levels allowing parasites to take hold.

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