Candida Stage 0 Infection

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It is absolutely normal for the human body to have candida yeast in the digestive tract, it is part of what we call out ‘gut biome’ which is made up of millions of micro-organisms that breakdown food and waste so we can absorb nutrients and stay healthy. Candida is usually kept in check in these areas by our beneficial bacteria, but antibiotics and a high-carb processed diet throws this out of balance.

From your answers it doesn’t seem like you have a candida issue, it may be that you have a slight increase in the yeast population of the gut which is not a problem if managed now with a healthy diet, avoiding sugar and alcohol and also taking a good probiotic such as the one we supply which is a soil based, live, multiple strain probiotic – EM Probiotic.

By dealing with a very mild candida yeast overgrowth now you will be avoiding multiple more serious issues if you allow it to progress to further infection stages.

Treatment of Stage 0 Candida Infection

Candida Infection:

At this level it is unlikely that you have a fungal infection. That said, if your score is closer to 10 than 0 it is likely that you have an increase in yeast levels which should be brought back under control with a good Probiotic such as EM Pro live probiotic culture.


Candida yeast does not cause gut damage, it is only at the fungal stage that gut permeation occurs. It is important to understand leaky gut syndrome and how it affects your body to help prevent issues in the future.

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Other Comments:

You should consider a parasite cleanse that can eliminate other possible issues causing your mild symptoms.

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