Naomi used to feel very disconnected from her own body, and her emotions seemed out of control as well. She wanted to try CCWS not only to physically cleanse, but also to address any bad habits and issues getting in the way of her spiritual growth. Well, lo and behold, Naomi achieved both of her goals with Candida Cleanser! Clearing up yeast overgrowth dramatically reduced the counterproductive signals that were being sent through the gut-brain connection, and Naomi used this new clarity to free herself from much of her habitual behavior of emotional eating.

Naomi is still in awe over how much she has transformed from the cleanse!  In this energetic interview, we talk a lot about the spiritual growth that can come through the cleansing process, how much our old food choices contributed to our past disempowerment, and how Candida Cleanser can truly help people reclaim their willpower and get their lives back!

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Here’s to your health! -Patty


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