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Lendsey had never even heard about Candida, so in the beginning she was completely skeptical about whether or not she even needed a cleanse. I was able to convince her to try the cleanse because I knew it would be a game changer for her, even though she was relatively healthy to start with.

Once Lendsey did her own research on Candida, she realized she actually had a lot of symptoms that were related:

On a daily basis, Lendsey was dealing with fatigue, stomach problems, sinus and nasal problems, plus anxiety and depression. She had uncontrollable sugar, carb, and alcohol cravings, and she lived with many “normal” issues like vaginitis, foggy thinking, acne, low sex drive, and ear aches.

In this interview we share many tips and realizations learned through the cleansing process, and Lendsey gets very real about the addiction process and how she almost gave up her dreams thinking, at age 30, that she was getting “too old” to sustain her love for athletics.

Lendsey did everything she could to get the most out of her cleanse by adapting elements of the gaps diet. She cut out sugar and grains a few weeks before beginning her cleanse, she then began to feel some detox headaches.

Her first week of CCWS was toughest. Hot flashes, itching, sweating..

But then, by the second half of the cleanse Lendsey felt like she was on top of the world. A veil had been lifted and she could feel that she was absorbing nutrients better. Lendsey describes how her die off symptoms would get more intense for a day or two but then pass completely never to return.

So after finishing the cleanse, Lendsey jumped back into her rigorous schedule of coaching and working and raising her kids.  She has discovered that nothing aches anymore and not only that, her long time pain from her injuries gone! She feels like she’s gained 7 years back of her life.

Lendsey describes how she used to go running a lot and how she would get extremely hot and labored.  Not anymore since her cleanse; now she feels like she doesn’t have to work so hard anymore but actually gets better results now than when she used to pound it super hard at the gym.

Lendsey is amazed how she doesn’t even look at sugar and cookies as food anymore; she’s no longer attracted to it. This is huge because, as a top athlete, Lendsey needs high-nutrition foods that deliver “more bang for the buck.”

In our interview, we both agree that we couldn’t have beat our sugar and carb addictions without the help of CCWS. It was the missing link, and that now we can celebrate our “new normal” – feeling amazing in our bodies!

Lendsey now passionately shares her experience with anyone who asks how she managed to drop 15lbs so easily while increasing her athletic performance. She now sees things differently and realizes just how many people are struggling with Candida overgrowth that they don’t even know about!

I hope Lendsey’s story inspires you to take action today towards your best health yet!

Happy Healing,



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