Sheila is from Missouri and was raised on plenty of sweet tea, and of course potatoes with most meals.  This diet fueled Candida overgrowth which she believes contributed to childhood arthritis..

By second grade Shelia had to deal with severe joint pain in her knees and her neck. And she would repeatedly contract strep throat for which the doctors would only prescribe meds each time. Sheila started to notice that she would only feel worse after the rounds of medication!

Once she entered high school, Sheila started to get another issue that became chronic – HIVES.  For the next ten years, her body would swell up in big, sore welts.

If she even exerted herself a little, like opening a jar, her hand would develop a painful welt.  Or if she played with her kids, she would have joint pain for days. She felt like she was in a 70 year old body all the time, even before the age of 30.

Finally, Sheila decided to take matters into her own hands. She knew something was not right and she was determined to get her health back.

And it worked!

She no longer has the chronic joint pain that she’d had since 2nd grade!  And she no longer gets welts from doing simple tasks like opening a bottle, wearing knee high boots, or playing sports with her kids.

PLUS A BONUS GIFT TOO – Sheila got pregnant at 44 years young, much to she and her husband’s pleasant surprise!  5 years ago they had tried for a third baby, but had given up because it just was not happening…

Today Sheila is happy to share with us that her pregnancy is smooth and she and her baby girl are very healthy.  And Sheila is still blown away and enjoying the “new normal” of feeling great!

What could YOUR healing journey look like?

All the best, Patty


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