Our Zeoco Supplement is a powerful combination of activated charcoal and zeolite clay used for detox support and assists in the removal of toxins and heavy metals, which are stored by the Candida fungus and released during die-off. Helps to remedy the herxheimer reaction.

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Zeoco Ingredients:

10% Australian Zeolites
90% Activated Charcoal
50 capsules


Take one capsule up to 4 times a day.
DO NOT take it simultaneously with your Candida Cleanser capsule or EM- PRO.
Leave at least 2 hours time between taking ZEOCO or any Candida Cleanser capsule, supplement, medication, or probiotic.

Find Out How Zeoco Can Help With An Anti-Candida Cleanse

If taken at the same time it will interfere with the absorption of the other supplements. 
 ZEOCO can be taken both on your loading days and your off days of your Candida Cleanser Protocol.


Zeoco is composed of two organic compounds, zeolite and activated charcoal. This combination is used as a powerful detox support to help protect the body from the toxins and heavy metals released by Candida fungus during the cleansing process. It also helps relieve die-off reactions that often occur during the CCWS protocol.

Zeolite clay naturally draws out and encapsulates toxins so that they can be easily expelled from your body. Zeolite molecules are negatively charged and thus attract and hold positively charged toxins such as heavy metals and Candida waste products. These toxic compounds, once bound up by zeolite, are safely moved through the digestive tract and excreted without risk of release and re-toxification to the body.

Activated charcoal absorbs more poisons and toxins than any other substance known, it has the capacity to absorb over 1,000 times its weight in toxins such as lead, acetate, strychnine, chlorine, and mercury and facilitate their safe elimination from the body during bowel movements.

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