Leaky Gut Repair


Our unique Leaky Gut Repair formula helps to nourish damaged gut lining cells due to a candida infection while restoring your immune system and gut’s natural healthy mucus lining.


Per capsule:
750mg L-glutamine
25mg slippery elm
25mg aloe vera
50mg allicin
rice and seaweed capsule.
120 capsules vegan capsules

Two capsules twice a day with food

∙ Supports leaky and damaged gut recovery
∙ Nourishes damaged gut cells
∙ Reduces sugar cravings
∙ Restores your gut’s natural healthy mucus lining
∙ Relieves IBS symptoms
∙ Improves the immune system
∙ Natural antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antiviral function which helps to fight off candida and parasites

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