How To Do A Parasite Cleanse

Parasite Cleanse

How To Do A Parasite Cleanse

Instructions, What To Expect, & 5 Tips For Best Results

For many people around the globe, parasites are the stuff nightmares are made of.  It’s a common perception that such parasite infections are only a serious problem in poor third-world countries, but that’s not necessarily true….

Dr. Frank Nova, Chief of the Laboratory for Parasitic Diseases at the National Institute of Health, states, “In terms of numbers, there are more parasitic infections acquired in the US than in Africa.”

And according to National Geographic in their award-winning documentary, ‘The Body Snatchers’, “Parasites have killed more humans than all the wars in history.”

Clearly its time for a wake up call. Human parasites are a very real thing and can cause serious health complications when left unchecked.

Today, scientists have identified over 300 types of parasites thriving in North America, ranging in size from tiny, single-celled organisms to 30ft long tapeworms visible to the naked eye. These invasive scavengers rely on their hosts, you, for survival. They live in your digestive tract and can even infiltrate your vital organs like your liver, pancreas, and brain to cause both minor ailments as well as serious and sometimes life-threatening illness.

For those who are curious (and brave enough), check out one of our more graphic articles to see what can come out of people with extreme levels of infestation during a Parasite Cleanse:  Parasites Exposed!

Getting Infected Is Easier Than You Think

Contracting a parasite is much easier and much more common than you’d think. They hang out on unwashed fruits and vegetables, in undercooked meat, in contaminated water (even municipal tap water), in your pets mouth (who can resists those cute puppy kisses?) and even in your bed. Some of these parasites get into you body through your mouth while others can even enter your body from the bottoms of your feet!

Parasites living in the human body can be very sneaky, often times thriving in the body and going completely unnoticed. Either the person infected shows no physical symptoms or has passed off the minute existing discomforts such as bloating after meals, mood swings and weakened immune system, as ‘normal.’

And on the other hand parasites can wreak so much havoc on the body that they have passed themselves off as other diseases. The infected person is constantly sick and tired, diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions and taking several medications, all while the doctor is still confused and unable to fully relief the patient of their pain and has no idea that a chronic parasitic infection is actually at the root of their problems.

When parasites find refuge inside your tissues and organs, as part of their life cycle, they excrete waste that pollutes your body. Deadly toxins are released into your body around the clock causing silent wear and tear on all your systems, weakening your immune system, and making you more susceptible to other forms of bacteria, viruses, and disease.

An untreated infection of some of these parasites can lead to serious health problems, including seizures, blindness, pregnancy complications, heart failure and even death!

Doing a parasite cleanse once a year is a great way to practice preventative health care.


“Food-borne parachutes have not received the same level of attention as other hazards. Nether less, they cause a high burden of disease in humans, may have prolonged, severe, and sometimes fatal outcomes, and result in considerable hardship.”


Because there are so many different types of parasites there is a very wide range of problems they can cause from severe bloat, making you look 5 months pregnant every time you eat, or eating the food you eat leaving you hungry after every meal.

These nutritional thieves can leave you severely malnourished and mineral deficient planting the seed for numerous health complications and a future of neurological disease.

Anemia can often be a symptom of a hookworm infection. These worms feed off of your red blood cells. In these cases iron supplements will only make the problem worse, as they continue supplying the parasites with a surplus of food while still leaving you deficient and exhausted.

Warning Signs

  1. Chronic digestive issues: unexplained constipation, diarrhea, gas, indigestion, mucus in stools, leaky gut, SIBO, nausea, hemorrhoids, heart burn, bloody stools, rectal itch, bloating after meals.
  2. Various forms of mental distress including depression, anxiety, mood swings, nervousness, forgetfulness, restlessness, anxiety, headaches, eye aches, fatigue, behavioral changes, a strange sensation that something is stuck in your head, frequent feelings of apathy.
  3. Autoimmune disorders. Parasites infecting the gut can weaken the immune system, igniting an inflammatory immune response, and cause a cascade of health problems within the body. Gut and joint related conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and reactive arthritis have been shown to be directly related to a parasite infection.
  4. You’ve traveled internationally and remember getting traveler’s diarrhea while abroad, drank contaminated or questionable water, or ate at a questionable restaurant. Often times unfiltered water is used to clean the dishes at restaurants and if your dish or fork is still wet, you can easily ingest waterborne parasites with your meal.#4 has happened to me personally while travelling in South America. At first I was slightly bloated after each meal, then cramps and abdominal pan became the ‘norm’. After a week each meal made me look 5 months pregnant with a large protruding belly and the pain was unbearable. I suddenly fell into severe depression and even had suicidal thoughts. The parasite had quickly invaded my gut and infiltrated my mental and emotional wellbeing!
  5. Have a history of food poisoning and your digestion has not been the same since.
  6. Skin irritations or unexplained rashes, hives, rosacea, eczema, dry skin, hives, lesions and sores.
  7. You never feel satisfied or full after your meals, unexplained weight loss, or weight gain, loss of appetite.
  8. You’ve been diagnosed with blood disorders: hypoglycemia, anemia, iron-deficiency
  9. Sleep disturbances, you have trouble falling asleep, wake up multiple times during the night, you grind your teeth in your sleep, bed wetting.
  10. Muscle and joint pain including arthritic pain, muscle cramps, heart pain, and numbness of extremities like hands and feet.
  11. Reproductive and sexual organ problems such as cysts and fibroids, urinary tract and kidney infections, menstrual problems, PMS, prostate problems, impotence, erectile dysfunction.
  12. Other symptoms such bad breath and body odor, weak immune system and chronic viral or bacterial infections, fever, respiratory and lung problems.

The Parasite PowerCleanse

To successfully do a parasite cleanse you need to go after both the parasites and their eggs to make sure you wipe out the infestation completely. Many herbal parasite cleanses only kill the adults so even though you complete the cleanse you will find yourself back at square one in a few short weeks, becoming re-infected by the new hatchlings because parasitic eggs are highly resistant to even the most potent anti-parasitic herbs!

Clove is the only herb that can kill the eggs, but you have to make sure it is non irradiated clove otherwise this herb is rendered practically useless, stripped of it’s therapeutic benefits. Often times cheap supplement companies will source clove from irradiated sources which would render your cleanse ineffective in the long run.

Green Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood are very efficient in taking out the adult stages of 100+ different parasites. This herbal trilogy is the traditional herbalists’ arsenal against parasites that works every time.

We recommend our Parasite PowerCleanse. This is the synergistic combination of the 3 above mentioned parasite killing herbs: non irradiated clove, wormwood, and green black walnut hull. This combination will wipe out parasites at egg and adult stages.

Additionally, our cleanse includes key Liver Supporting and Liver Cleansing Herbs:

  • Fresh Ginger
  • Fennel
  • Licorice Root
  • Fenugreek Seed
  • Rhubarb Root
  • Plantain Herb
  • Semen Cassiae
  • Yan Shi Mi
  • Senna Leaf

Anytime you are cleansing, be it from parasites or Candida, you must support the liver!

These malevolent critters release numerous toxins during their life cycle and will continue to release even more when they die. Many of their metabolic byproducts are very toxic to the body, some even target the destruction of your liver (gliotoxin) and others, like acetaldehyde, leach away at your glutathione levels (your master antioxidant) which is absolutely vital for the proper detoxification of poisonous compounds out from your body.

Supporting your liver through the cleansing process will make the entire procedure an easier and more gentle experience.

Cleanse smart, support your liver.


  1. Take two Parasite PowerCleanse capsules between meals twice per day (anytime you have any empty stomach). A schedule such as one dose an hour before breakfast (or lunch) and the other 2-3 hours after your next meal will work fine.
  2. Continue taking the capsules daily for 13 days until the bottle is empty.
  3. Drink plenty of clean water to further support your elimination organs and detox pathways.

What is Die-Off?

During a parasite cleanse it is common to experience a healing crisis or what some like to call ‘die off’. Essentially what’s happening is that when these pathogenic critters die they release toxins faster than your body can eliminate them. You may experience some uncomfortable flu-like symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Joint and muscle pain, body aches and fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Nausea
  • Excess mucus
  • Digestive upset: diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating
  • Mood disturbances: mood swings, irritability, inability to concentrate, depression
  • Itchy ears, nose, anus

This is completely normal and a temporary reaction. Sometimes you will feel worse before you feel better, but generally people report only mild discomforts during a parasite cleanse.

5 Tips For Best Results

Fortunately there are things you can do to avoid or reduce any unwanted symptoms of die-off and to get the best results from your cleanse.

  1. Drink lots of water and eat healthy whole foods as much as possible. Avoid sugar, processed and refined grains and carbohydrates. Parasites love junk food and simple carbs as an easy food source. Following an elimination diet for a few weeks before starting your cleanse can be very helpful to minimize any unpleasant symptoms.
  2. Take probiotics, drink apple cider vinegar, and eat homemade fermented foods such as yoghurt, milk kefir, sauerkraut, or beet kvass. When you evict the parasites from your gut there will be some empty real estate up for grabs in your colon and you’ll want to make sure you set up for good neighbours to move in rather than more intruders. Plus your beneficial bacteria help you eliminate toxins from your gut, chelate heavy metals, modulate your immune system, and fight off pathogens, to further assist the cleansing.
  3. If you do experience a healing crisis, it is important to be gentle with yourself and take it slow. A soak in a hot bath with ½ cup of Epsom salts can help to draw toxins out, soothe your nervous system, as well as provide you with the highly sought after mineral magnesium.
  4. Sleep, some of the most powerful healing and regeneration occurs when you sleep. Aim for at least 7 hours a night.
  5. Absorbent materials such as activated charcoal, diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, or our Zeo-Co, are great tools to have up your sleeve to help bind to toxins in the gut and escort them out the body. This is a tremendous help to the liver and provides quick relief of uncomfortable detox symptoms.



Making sure you have at least 1-2 bowel movements a day is very important during a cleanse to ensure that you are excreting the toxins and dead parasites rather than letting the mass collect in your colon and reabsorbing it into your body.

If you experience constipation refrain from over the counter laxative drugs and try natural alternatives such as 1 tbsp of castor oil or magnesium oxide supplementation.

Friendly bacteria like the Bifidobacteria support healthy bowel movements as they stimulate the intestinal wall to make healthy mucus that serves as a lubricant in the bowels for passing stool. Make sure your probiotic supplement has these strains of bacteria.

In more stubborn cases you can try an enema. This is a very safe and effective procedure to promote regularity. The use of enemas and their health benefits dates back to the Dead Sea Scrolls some 2000 years ago, archives can be found in the Vatican! (“The Essene Gospel of Peace.“ )

Today regular enemas are an integral part of natural treatment in serious health conditions such as cancer, autoimmune conditions, and neurological disease.

Dr. Natasha Campbell of the GAPS diet recommends probiotic enemas to those who suffer from constipation. Use chamomile tea (cooled) with a few tbsps of homemade yoghurt. You can also use probiotics powders.

She recommends a therapeutic strength probiotic with predominantly Bifidobacterium species in it. Don’t’ use probiotic pressed tablets as those have binders and fillers in them, instead use powder or open up a capsule. Note that it is completely normal to experience excessive gas 1 or 2 days after doing a probiotic enema.

How Do I Know If It Worked?

By simply experiencing any die off symptoms this means that the cleanse is working; the dying parasites are releasing toxins to make you feel sluggish and your body is working to remove the detox byproducts.

However don’t be so quick to assume that just because you don’t feel any die-off that the cleanse isn’t working. Some people who have stronger immune systems and primed detox pathways can feel great during the process yet immediately see the results of their parasite cleanse right there in the toilet bowl while others may not necessarily see anything but will beginning to experience a shift in their wellbeing.

  • Stronger digestion, feeling lean and light after meals, and having regular healthy bowel movements .
  • A robust immune system, you’re not catching the flu as often and that lingering cough finally disappears!
  • Improved clarity and focus throughout the day and feeling happier and optimistic for no reason
  • Sustained energy levels, no need for coffee and waking up before your alarm clock.
  • Clearer skin and whiter eyes, and that random rash finally disappears.
  • Losing stubborn belly fat and achieving and maintaining your optimal healthy weight.

Results do vary from person to person depending on what parasite is causing the infection and the degree of infection. Some people report extravagant life changes such as reversing their unexplained chronic fatigue or incurable autoimmune condition while others experience a fine tuning to their health and quality of life seeing an improvement in better more restful sleep, bursts of creativity or a new found lust for life.

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