“No More Asthma Medicine”

“No More Asthma Medicine”

My name is David Brown. When I first heard of this cleanse, I immediately though it was going to be one of those “over hyped” marketing ploys. Earning big profits for the supplier leaving the user with that burned feeling; I knew better..AARRGGh!! Combating Candida is not a new topic for me. I remember first hearing the stories in the late seventies about this yeast that controls your emotions and motivates you to eat “High carbohydrate/ sugar loaded ” food. It would also go crazy when it was over cast making you crave “comfort food”. That certainly explained a lot. Well this cleanse was a pleasant surprise. The cleanse was easy on my system(though it was not my first cleanse). Almost no kill off symptoms. After the first two treatments, I noticed that my asthma, which had gotten way out of control over the past 5 years, was virtually abated. No more asthma medicine. My dandruff condition which I had been fighting a losing battle for some 15 yr’s, was significantly improved. My energy significantly improved after the final treatment. My sinuses are much clearer now.

I am very pleased. Thanks.

David Brown | San Diego, CA



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