VIDEO: Naomi Opens Up To Profound Healing & Mystical Experiences

Naomi Shares How The Candida Cleanser Opened Her Up To Profound Healing & Mystical Experiences

Insights From A Spiritual Healer

“My life has changed, literally.” – Naomi Lopez

If you are curious about your spirituality or working towards deepening your spiritual practice, you’ll really benefit from tuning into this interview with Naomi, a Spiritual Healer dedicated to helping people find their spiritual path.

Patty and Naomi discuss the emotional, spiritual, and consciousness-changing effects of the Candida Cleanser, which aren’t usually addressed within the mainstream or clinical approach. Rather these perceptive on Candida mainly focus on the physical body.

“Should I share something crazy?”, asks Naomi as she begins to share in complete honesty and vulnerability about how this cleanse has opened her up to profound healing and mystical experiences.

 (In this interview she shares one of her experiences in full detail.)

Being an energy worker who regularly works in the subtle realms, she began feeling even MORE in tune and connected to the subtle realms, to the point where she realized how much she was missing before because her Candida infection was clouding her perception.

Naomi generously shares every thing that she has learned during her cleanse. Not only does cleaning your body of Candida fungus help you awaken to a clearer perception of reality, it helps you deepen your connection with your body.

“My life has changed, literally.”

Not only did she experience shifts in her spiritual practice by developing a deeper precision in her healing work, but also in her physical body began to change.

She’s lost weight, “I lost 15 pounds… I’m almost 3 sizes down in all my pants.”

Her cycle has become more regular and painless!

Friends are commenting on how her overall appearance has changed; her eyes are brighter and her skin is glowing.

She feels like a true Goddess, enveloped in a genuine confidence and beauty that radiants from within.

And she’s come to enjoy cooking for herself.

Naomi shares how cleansing candida has had far reaching benefits, not just effecting her physical body, but how it has the potential to help one become empowered and deeply connected with one’s self.

How Candida Can Manipulate Your Perception Of Reality

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that the bacteria and fungus living in your gastrointestinal tract can influence your mood, behaviour, and perception of reality. This is possible because your digestive tract houses an intricate nervous system called the enteric nervous system.

Essentially this is your SECOND BRAIN.

The gut brain is a highly sophisticated network system comprised of more neurons and nerve endings than in your entire spinal chord and peripheral nervous system combined. (The peripheral nervous system is the entire nervous system in your body besides the brain and spine.) This is equivalent to a cat-sized brain sitting in your belly!

There is a large nerve called the vagus nerve which connects your brain to this ‘second brain.’ The two share the same neurotransmitters, and neurotransmitters are basically the ‘language’ neurons use to communicate. So your two brains can essentially ‘talk’ to one another. This is how the microbes living in your gut can effect your brain activity and mood, and how in exchange your emotions and thoughts can effect your digestive health.

Scientists have shown that mental disorders such as depression can be linked back to an overpopulation of pathogenic microbes in the gut and the condition can be reversed as soon as certain probiotics, beneficial strains of bacteria, colonize in the gut. You are not your symptoms! The wrong microbes have simply taken hold of your body’s ecosystem.

Candida can override YOUR conscious decisions when it dominates your gut. I expand on the science of this in an earlier article: Candida Brain: How Candida In The Gut Causes Depression, & Anxiety Disorders

Basically, the food choices you make, the way you manage stress, your outlook on life, your ability to concentrate and perceive subtle energies can all be overshadowed and influenced by Candida. You really have an incomplete understanding of how different life can be, and how different YOU can be, until you clean your body from this fungus.

To get a glimpse of how you can create more depth, connection, confidence, and intuitive knowing in your day to day life, tune into today’s interview with Naomi.

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