VIDEO: Monica, Registered Nurse, “I Highly Recommend It To Everyone.”

Monica, Registered Nurse, “I Highly Recommend It To Everyone.”

“I had chronic migraines that have been eliminated. I used to have brain fog and I do not have that at all. I do no suffer from any more bloating. The chronic tightness and stiffness is gone!”

As a registered nurse who is passionate about preventative care, Monica has given the Candida Cleanser the stamp of approval! This cleanse is an excellent preventative tool.

“I will do it again every year!” – Monica

Totally addicted to sugar, eating it on auto-pilot everyday at 3 o’clock to remedy her afternoon energy crashes. She had difficulty getting up in the morning, requiring coffee to be the least bit functional. She would bloat easily after meals, and suffered from frequent migraines and brain fog, chronic neck and upper back pain, and overall stiffness.

Now, everything has changed…

Perhaps this is why Monica, who just finished her first round of the Candida Cleanser, is already scheduling in another round of the cleanse and dedicating herself to doing one annually.

“I’m very appreciative of this cleanse, I highly recommend it to everyone.”

We all have Candida yeast in our gut, living throughout our entire digestive system. The key is to keep it in balance, to prevent it from out numbering your healthy gut microbes so it doesn’t turn into a fungus.

“I’m an RN, and I see a lot of people in the hospital, younger and younger, with these fungal infections they can’t get rid of. Candida is a fungus, it definitely has an insidious effect on our health.

Once candida yeast turns fungal, thats where you begin to see the chronic health problems…

Read up on The 5 Stage of Candida Overgrowth to learn if your symptoms of poor health are in fact early stages of a fungal infection. Regardless of where you’re at, the Candida Cleanser can help!

And don’t take just take it from us, check out our Success Stories.

There are dozens of reviews in there from health professionals to single mothers, youth and seniors, people who have suffered their entire lives from chronic debilitating conditions and even a cancer survivor. They all proudly share their experience encouraging you to take back control of your life. move our from surviving and into THRIVING!

Happy Healing,
Aga Postawska, HHC

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