VIDEO: Misty’s Lifelong Migraines Disappear After Just One Cleanse

Misty’s Lifelong Migraines Disappear After Just One Cleanse

“Now that I’m not dealing with that pain everyday, I feel more relaxed and happier.”

It almost seems too good to be true. After living in excruciating pain for almost her entire life, Misty finds relief after just 1 round of the Candida Cleanser; that’s a lifetime of pain remedied in less than 45 days!

“I haven’t had any kind of pain, I haven’t had any kind of migraine.
It’s been really nice.”

In the U.S., more than 37 million people suffer from migraines. The cause of these migraines is still unknown and the exact mechanism of the pain still remains a medical mystery. The cause may be unknown however there seems to be a common thread amongst what can trigger a migraine.

Between 12 and 60% of people report foods as triggers. Other common triggers are fatigue, stress, hunger, hormone fluctuations, and even the weather.

The most common symptoms (1) reported by migraine sufferers are:

Throbbing, pulsating pain — 85%
Light sensitivity — 80%
Sound sensitivity — 76%
Nausea — 73%
Pain on one side — 59%
Vision changes, blurred vision — 44%
Aura — 36%
Vomiting — 29%

Misty’s migraines were so intense that they were blinding. Misty would literally lose her sight from the pain. In the most extreme episode Misty had a migraine for one solid month that sent her to the hospital!

I’ve been through so many tests and they just can’t figure it out.”

On top of that Misty had a growing list of symptoms that started to piece things together:

– Brittle bones, she had broken 10 bones already
– Sore muscles and joints
– Hospitalized as a 12 year old girl for chronic constipation
– Exhaustion
– Inability to lose weight, she’d hit a plateau and no matter what she did she couldn’t drop anymore.
– Toenail fungus

All these symptoms made Misty a perfect candidate for the Candida Cleanser, all were classic signs of a fungal infection. So she went for it!

In the video you’ll hear Misty speak about “rounds” of the Candida Cleanser, here’s some context about the protocol so you can understand what she is referring to: The Candida Cleanser is a 45 day protocol. The capsules, with the active ingredient Lufenuron, are taken in 3 rounds; 5 ‘loading days’ followed by 10 ‘off days’. This is done for 3 rounds for a total of 45 days.

I’ve seen so much progress in the last 45 days! After the second round I started to notice that there was a big difference… I noticed that the symptoms weren’t as intense and I had more energy, I didn’t feel as tired. I didn’t have the pain in my body. I’m more in tune with my body…

Before I just felt terrible all the time so it didn’t matter what I ate I still felt bad. Now that I’m feeling better it’s like I’m more in tune with what my body wants and what it doesn’t like. I have lost about 10 pounds through the whole cleanse and that is big thing for me because I had hit a plateau and it didn’t matter what I did, I could not lose any more weight.

Now that I’m not dealing with that pain everyday, I feel more relaxed and happier on a general. I haven’t had any kind of pain, I haven’t had any kind of migraine, it’s been really nice. At work I’m much happier, I have more energy, and I guess a bounce in my step.

To say that this all happened without some hard work and dedication would be lie. During her 1st loading period, Misty experienced major die-off that had her in bed for the first 3 days. She knew to take extra care of herself.

Many of her past symptoms came back and her current symptoms became exasperated: shooting pains, migraines, thrush, exhaustion. However, knowing that this is a very common occurrence during the cleanse as Candida leaves the body, Misty kept going with confidence.

In the end it was all worth it.

Misty shares in her interview with Patty excellent advice for those going through similar health issues as well as how to start creating healthy dietary changes with your kids. She initiated the habit of cleaner eating with her children, her son who is diagnosed with ADD and her daughter who also suffers from similar migraines. In just about a week their symptoms improve and her kids get hooked on healthy eating!

They start asking for bone broth, helping to pick out food at the farmers market, and most importantly noticing the effects poor food choices have on them. Now they even get angry if Misty forgets to pack them a healthy lunch as they had quickly learnt that the school lunches made them feel sick.

Remember, when you take better care of yourself and begin to transform your life for the better, you become contagious. A ripple effect occurs as you inspire those around you to create similar changes.

Next thing you know family and friends are thanking you for being the catalyst in their lives that sparked tremendous improvements in their lives.

Your healing is our healing. We are all in this together.

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