Mariko Notices A BIG Difference Within First 5 Days Of Her Cleanse

Mariko Notices A BIG Difference Within First 5 Days Of Her Cleanse

“I’m really glad I did this cleanse, even though I wasn’t struggling with a chronic health crisis”

Unlike most of our clients, Mariko wasn’t doing the Candida Cleanser to remedy a specific health crisis or chronic health issue, she just wanted to do the cleanse so she could experience it for herself and see if she could honestly recommend it to others.

Diving in with zero expectations Mariko was pleasantly surprised. Her die-off was minimal, a bit of fatigue and excess mucus, but nothing extreme like what most people anticipate.

Instead she started to feel the profound positive benefits right away, within the first 5 days!

Before the cleanse she had trouble with recalling detail, she would constantly find herself searching for words… but during the cleanse it’s as if this veil of brain fog had lifted overnight and suddenly her memory improved.

Even her husband reaped in on some of her benefits as he started getting a better night sleep when her life-long congested heavy snoring was reduced.

And she isn’t the fist to experience this. A lot people find that even their ‘incurable’ sleep apnea disappears after doing the Candida Cleanser. Check out our other success story Chris for example.

Today Mariko is filled with energy and lightness, and she even explains how, “Everything seems brighter!”

Watch her video to hear more about her unexpected results and her advice on how to get the best results from your cleanse.


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