VIDEO: Makenzie Heals From Candida: Digestive Issues, Allergies, & Bulimia

Makenzie Picks Up The Pieces After Candida: Digestive Issues, Allergies, & Bulimia

Makenzie had a childhood filled with chronic allergies, food sensitivities, and digestive issues. The lymph nodes in her wrists and armpits were always swollen, her joints would ache, and her mind was foggy. 

Whenever she would eat sugar or starchy carbohydrates like rice, beans, or potato her mouth and neck would break out in a large rash and leave her feeling so exhausted that she’d have to lay down for a nap after each meal.

 Unable to resist the sugar cravings, but afraid of the negative symptoms these foods would have on her, she found herself purging after each meal. At age 15 Makenzie battled with bulimia.

Two years ago she started on the GAPS diet. With many of her chronic health issues behind her now, she still can’t seem to shake off the feeling that there is a residual fungal infection laying dormant in her body. This is often the case with Candida. Dietary changes can help mitigate and control physical symptoms of Candida but the tyrannical cravings for sugar never disappear.

 Inner conflict still exists as long as Candida fungus hides out in your body hijacking your nervous system and influencing your brain function. As soon as you have a taste for something sweet the cravings suffocate your willpower and you can’t seem to resist. Next thing you know you are devouring an entire box of cookies, totally out of control…

 There is no ‘starving out’ Candida fungus with an anti-candida diet.

 It can lay dormant in your body for years constantly encouraging you to ‘fall off the band wagon.’ Often times people find themselves yo-yo dieting riddled with feelings of guilt and defeat when they don’t succeed. If this is happening to you, please don’t beat yourself up about it! You are up against a powerful fungal dictator! So naturally you are going to need help to completely irradiate the fungal colony and reclaim your sovereignty.

Tune into Makenzie’s story of why she decided to cleanse even though she didn’t have any current obvious symptoms of Candida. On the outside it may have looked like she was in perfect health, that her health complications were left behind in her adolescent years, but on the inside there was still a residual fungal infection in hibernation patiently waiting for her to slip up…

Thank you so much Makenzie for sharing your success and for being so honest and open about your journey.

For those of you at home reading this right now, who may be battling an eating disorder of your own, I hope that Makenzie’s story has given you the inspiration to keep moving forward! Know that you are not alone, that there is hope, and we are here to help however we can.


Healing Eating Disorders With Diet

 About 90% of eating disorders sufferers are young girls between the ages of 12-25.

 A diagnoses may consist of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, compulsive overeating, or a unique cocktail of all of them. It’s not uncommon for a person to have a mixture of these, jumping back and forth from anorexia, binge eating, and purging. In most cases these are unreported and undiagnosed health conditions because the person may deny association with or have of feelings of shame and guilt around the topic.

 Even though the official medical opinion on this issue is regarded as, “It’s all in the head,” this idea is simply not true.

 If you are suffering in silence, or know someone who is hurting from an eating disorder, know that there is a solution and it resides in your gut.

 The father of modern day psychiatry recognized that neurosis and conditions of the mind were rarely isolated cases within the brain. 

“The primary seat of insanity generally is in the region of the stomach and intestine”. –  Phillipe Pinel, 1807. 

Phillipe recognized that to heal the mind, one has to heal the gut.

 Dr.Natasha Campbell of the GAPS Diet has an entire section in her book,Gut and Psychology Syndrome,’ dedicated to healing eating disorders with diet. 

 The protocol calls for total gut rehabilitation which includes evicting parasites and Candida, repopulating with healthy gut microbes, reversing nutrient deficiencies, healing and sealing leaky gut, detoxing the body, and supporting the system with specific supplementation.

If you are working to heal from an kind of eating disorder or mental condition, we highly recommend you pick up a copy of her book today and apply her approach as you cleanse Candida.

 The 2 protocols, the Candida Cleanser and the GAPS Diet, partnered together can move mountains.

Wishing you the all the best on your healing journey.


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