VIDEO: James, Drops The Weight & Regains His Zest For Life!

James Before & After Videos:

“I just finished the 45 day Candida Cleanser and all I have to say is, I recommend it for everybody. It was the most amazing cleanse I have ever been on!”

Inspired by the transformation he saw in his daughter, James jumps at the chance when Autumn asks if he wants to join her for another round of the Candida Cleanser. James takes the plunge into what turns out to be a tremendous shift in his life…

Did you miss Autumn’s story? Watch her AFTER video testimonial here.


James Before The Cleanse

“I’m just tired all the time.”

Meet James. He once was a go-getter, always up for a good time and teeming with energy. These days he’s tried all the time and his chronic malaise is keeping him from doing the things that bring him joy in life. He’s also struggling with major sleep disturbances, not only is it challenging to fall asleep, but staying asleep is just as difficult.

He’s gained 15 pounds in the last year and a half and now can’t seem to lose the weight despite his best efforts, and at this point James has tried multiple different cleanses. Nothing has worked. He’s experiencing shortness of breath, inability to concentrate, and always has cold hands and feet.

His digestive issue include bloating, heartburn, and upset stomach. Moving forward with great anticipation, James hopes to lose the cravings, drop the weight, and regain his energy and zest for life. Let’s see what unfolds…


James After The Cleanse

“I was surprised how easily I went through the cleanse. I was expecting it to be a lot harder giving up all those great things. You know, no glass of wine, no sweets… but I found it was absolutely satisfying.”

Moving through the cleanse was a lot easier than James anticipated and now he is grinning from ear to hear, rejoicing at his new found sense of self. The weight has began melting off (effortlessly), he’s thinking clearer, he can breath fully again, and he’s feeling incredible.

James used to drink an espresso each morning to get him going and now he’s quite caffeine cold turkey. He’s completely eliminated bread from his diet and easily limiting sweets, where as in the past he was always succumbing to his cravings and shortly after feeling sick to his stomach because of it.

“Coming off this cleanse I am going to incorporate what the cleanse was into my lifestyle. 
It’s not a big deal when you weigh it against how good you feel.”

During the cleanse there are some dietary changes we recommend such as eliminating sugars, processed and starchy carbohydrates, and alcohol. Focusing on above ground vegetation, pastured organic proteins, healthy fats, and probiotic rich foods.

At first some people think that they’re not up to the challenge, that this type of diet is going to be hard to maintain for the full 45 days. However, everything changes when you eliminate Candida fungus from your system. You realize that many of your food cravings were addictions fuelled by a pathogenic overgrowth.

Once you clean yourself out and bring balance to your microbiome, you’ll notice that your taste buds change. An apple might even become too sweet for your. Your cravings will change, rather than being pulled towards foods that make you feel sick and deplete your energy, you’ll crave the foods that nourish your body.

You’ll see that this way of eating is actually quite natural, intuitive, and effortless. Without Candida meddling with your biochemistry that internal struggle of constant self sabotage is no longer there. You are more clear, connected, and free to make healthier choices with half the amount of will power.

Where ever you are in your health journey know that you CAN do it, you ARE ready, and most importantly you are so DESERVING of the life you dream of.



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