Jackie Heals From Candida & Radically Transforms Her Life

Jackie Heals From Candida & Radically Transforms Her Life


“He basically told me, I HAD to do the Candida Cleanser, it was the only thing in his entire career that had worked for himself and also his patients.” – Jackie Yee

Today’s success story provides epic anecdotal evidence of how the Candida Cleanser can absolutely transform your life in unforeseen ways; overcoming chronic barrage of putrid self-loathing thoughts, falling in love with your career again, and fully embodying motherhood with total gratitude.

We’re not just laying it on thick when we suggest doing 2, or even 3 cleanses, back-to-back because this incredible success story comes as a recommendation from an OSTEOPATHIC DOCTOR.

After learning about all her symptoms he tells Jackie, “You need to do 3 bottles, back to back and, I promise, you will feel amazing!”

That’s a pretty bold statement to make as a healthcare professional, and the amazing part about it all is that… he was RIGHT!

Jackie had been living her entire life believing that this emotional rollercoaster of social anxiety, high-highs and low-lows, depression, and lethargy was just “who she was…”

“I have had this large list of medical problems [over 30 symptoms listed below] since I was a young child leading into my later twenties. It was just becoming out of hand and effecting literally every single piece of my life… He basically told me, I HAD to do the Candida Cleanser; it was the only thing in his entire career that had worked for himself and also his patients.”


Patty Interviews Jackie After She’s Healed From Candida



Jackie’s List of Symptoms

– Sinus issues since she was 3 years which turned into chronic sinusitis
– Tonsillitis
– Ear infection
– Terrible anxiety, especially social anxiety that was beginning to ruin her life and relationship with her Husband
– Insomnia, taking sleeping pills when she was 9yrs only old!!
– UTI’s and yeast infections
– Acne
– Depression
– Itchiness
– Shoulder neck back issues
– Inability to make decisions or cope with stress
– Brain fog
– Hard time learning or retaining information
– Forgetfulness
– Lack of motivation
– Chronic fatigue
– Very, very, serve migraines
– Dry eyes
– Chronic thirst
– Alcohol cravings, struggled with drug and alcohol
– Addiction
– Bad PMS, heavy menstruation
– Hot flashes (while in her 20’s!)
– Severe mood swings; manic highs & big lows
– Intense consistent sugar cravings
– Blood sugar issues
– Major food sensitivities
– Severe mood swings


5 Stages Of Candida Overgrowth

Some people need more than one bottle. It’s important to understand that Candida-related disorders occur in sequential stages. Having symptoms of advanced or systemic overgrowth could mean that a longer cleanse is needed. Find out where you stand, click here to learn abut the 5 Stages Of Candida


Can you relate?

If so, you HAVE to listen to her story. You will be totally blown away in how she blossoms and radically transforms her life; from being a total hermit, exhausted and in bed by 8pm every night, to becoming a total social butterfly at large events. (This was only the 1st bottle).

From being completely unmotivated and hating her job to then discovering she actually loves it, “I just started killing it at work!” (Her second cleanse). And most importantly to finally having enough energy to be completely present with her little boy and loving motherhood again.

Imagine how your life can change when you’re not wasting your energy on fighting sugar cavings and feeling sorry for yourself. Instead using that energy, that will power, and determination to turn your dreams into reality. If Jackie can do it, so can you!

Plus you have us to guide and support you through the healing process and an entire community in our online support group to cheer you on.  Join our Facebook Support Group


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