“I Already Feel The Effects Of The Cleanse On Day 5!”

“I Already Feel The Effects Of The Cleanse On Day 5!”

Having reached my early 40’s , I felt it was more than time to pay back my body with another random act of kindness!

Another DETOX perhaps? (I have done many over the years) But whilst most detox’s concern taking dietary measures and drinking concoctions to help ,release, dispurse and remove toxins from the body’s system, I always wondered about the parasites that fed on our toxins and waste …..would they be starved?

So inspired to research a lot more on the subject….I came across the idea of cancer as a fungus and thriving in fungal communities! I came across Candida Cleanser and something about it struck a chord and just made sense. So I took a chance and ordered some!

I am just at the end of the first treatment (5 days) and already feel the effects of the cleanse!! It’s quite remarkable really! I feel, cleaner already, not to mention lighter,(less dense), more focused and fluid, less easily fatigued and generally well being!! I am very excited to finish the full course and see just how much energy returns to me as the parasites release their grip on MY Biosystem!

Thank you

Sean Edwards | England, UK


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