“Huge Improvement In My Energy Levels With Much Less Brain Fog”

“Huge Improvement In My Energy Levels With Much Less Brain Fog”

I am half way through the candida cleanse with the CCWS™(Formerly Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) and am already noticing a huge improvement in my energy levels, with much less brain fog.

I wake up feeling more rested. My candida had gotten so bad I would sometimes start shaking and having trouble breathing, it made it frightening to leave the house. I haven’t had any of that shaking since I started taking this product, and the trouble breathing is slightly reduced. I have more confidence to get out more now knowing that shaking will not happen. I took this product because I was desperate, my candida was dangerously high and out of control, nothing seemed to work. I am feeling very optimistic about how this product is working. It is definitely worth a try! I recommend people with high levels of candida get the full package with the Zeoco charcoal and probiotic, they have been very helpful helping my body handle the detox. Thank you so much for this product!

Annette Alen | Newsberg, OR



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