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Candida fungus feeds on sugar and carbohydrates (carbs are a form of sugar). If your body is in a state of Candida overgrowth, you will unconsciously crave sweets and foods like bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta. Even alcohol! After all, parasites want to be fed, too, and if you are trying to change your diet, it can be excruciatingly difficult to stick to it and almost impossible to lose weight.

Candida ferments sugars in the gut creating alcohol as the byproduct, while releasing dozens of other toxins that clog up the body. This leads to elevating blood alcohol levels without you ever having a drink! Since alcohol is a known depressant, increased blood-alcohol levels can make you fuzzy, dehydrated, and tired. Just like a hangover, typical symptoms like headaches, grogginess, and lethargy are common.

Candida always resides in the gut, so when an overgrowth occurs it usually starts in the digestive tract. Overgrowth often gives rise to a whole range of digestive issues including diarrhea or constipation, bloating, upset stomach, intestinal cramps and irritable bowel syndrome, even bad breath, which won’t seem to go away no matter what you do.

As part of its digestive process, Candida excretes waste, in plain man’s terms it poops toxins into your bloodstream. Toxins build up in the body to cause common symptoms such as acne, itchiness, ear aches, joint pain, fibromyalgia pain, and skin infections such as athlete’s foot. This also effects how you feel overall, and contributes to irritability, anxiety, low sex drive, hyperactivity, and more.

Candida releases toxins that pass through the blood brain barrier and attack the pituitary gland which is the master hormone. As it starts to dysfunction, a hormonal domino effects occurs leading to chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, and thyroid conditions. Since Candida constantly feeds on sugars and carbs it messes with your blood sugar and metabolism which can contribute to diabetes, lowered metabolism, high cholesterol and obesity.

This is where Candida is most commonly recognized – yeast infections in the genitals and/or chronic urinary tract infections. Basically, once Candida has overgrown in the gastrointestinal tract, it then spreads to other areas of the body where it colonizes other organs and tissues. This “spreading” leads to infections affecting the bladder, kidneys, and genital organs. But it doesn’t stop there. It will continue spreading throughout the body’s organs and tissues moving into the sinus, throat, lungs, and ears.

Candida suppresses immune function by actively destroying immune system cells making you susceptible to co-infections. Being the person who is always sick with something like strep throat, bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections, UTI’s, the flu, is a classic sign of a fungal infection. Symptoms attributed to Lyme disease are often connected to candida fungal growth.

* Candida overgrowth is an extremely common condition. According to a recent study by Rice University of Houston, Texas, systemic Candida fungal infection has been shown to affect nearly 70% of all people. Over the decade that we’ve been around— time and time again, we see debilitating and mysterious symptoms disappear once Candida is properly addressed.

A simple & safe method

That helps your body remove candida fungus in as little as 45 days

Candida growth can cause severe immune system dysfunction and dramatically increase the risk of autoimmune conditions and many other chronic diseases. Plus it can often be the root cause of a wide array of symptoms including uncontrollable sugar cravings, debilitating digestive drama, mysterious skin conditions, crippling depression and anxiety, and chronic fatigue…

…. basically this fungal tyrant makes your life a living hell!

And what’s worse is that it can also be extremely difficult to test for, and is often misdiagnosed.

This gives candida the chance to continue masquerading itself as other conditions while you remain frustrated and continue to collect uncomfortable symptoms and the doctors can’t figure out what’s going on with you. We see this everyday. Many of our success stories are from people who found us totally hopefulness, they have had tried everything and nothing worked until our protocol.

You’ve suffered long enough and wasted enough money on ineffective remedies. Now is the time to use our proven method which we’ve used to help over 100,000 people recover from candida overgrowth with.


“My brain fog & headaches are gone. I’ve shed 20 pounds. I have no acne at all. My thrush is gone… IT WORKED!” – Lexis

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“I am no longer borderline diabetic! I have the blood work to prove it. All of my levels are PERFECT. I am so happy! – Nancy

What is Candida?

& why is it so hard to get rid of?

Candida is a naturally occurring “opportunistic” yeast that lives in your gut. Most of the time, in a healthy body, it lives in harmony with the rest of your microbiome praying a beneficial role in your digestive system. Your good gut bacteria keep the yeast in check.

However, these days due to a number of different lifestyle factors such as a high-sugar diet, a course of antibiotics, birth control, years of alcohol consumption, or chronic stress, the gut ecology is thrown out of balance and candida grows out of control.

When this happens, the harmless candida yeast quickly transforms into a fungus, it grows and expands its colonies and begins to dominate the gut and cause problems. What once were single celled yeast organisms isolated in the gut, have now evolved into fungal colonies that grow roots, called hypae, that penetrate the gut lining to cause leaky gut, allowing the infection and other toxins to spread throughout the body effecting other organs and systems.

This is the very reasons why symptoms of candida are so far reaching. When left unchecked, or misdiagnosed, candida can and will wreak absolute chaos on your health.

Candida is a very challenging invader to defeat for several different reasons:

Firstly, it hides behind biofilms and creates an bulletproof cell wall made of chitin. Chitin is the same substance that cockroaches, lobster, ticks and fleas use as their protective exoskeleton. Nothing in your body can get past this substance, diet and herbs are ineffective at this point.

Secondly, it beings to excrete over a hundred mycotoxins that actively attack your body. Gliotoxin is like heat seeking torpedo headed straight to destroy immune cells and healthy liver cells. Acetaldehyde destroys your liver cells and interferes with your detox pathways suppressing your ability to clear toxins from your body.

Thirdly, it’s like a highly sophisticated magician, it can control the pH level of it’s environment at will and can change back and forth from yeast to fungus. This allows it to stay dormant or “hibernate” in the body until the perfect conditions arise for it to switch back to it’s pathogenic form.

Even when you stop breathing or eating, the Candida will still be alive inside of you and eat you from the inside out, because it’s there to deteriorate the body after Death…

…it’s part of the natural process of decay in a dead body.

You are not meant to harbour Candida fungus in our body while you are still alive, if you do it feels like a living hell.

Our Candida Cleanser protocol addresses candida at the root, breaking down it’s protective cell membrane wall with a powerful chitin enzyme inhibitor. Diets and herbs are not effective against systemic fungal candida.

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