Hannah’s Cystic Acne, Allergies & Digestive Distress—GONE!

Hannah’s Cystic Acne, Allergies & Digestive Distress—GONE!

“I feel like a new human being entirely… This cleanse is wonderful you won’t regret it!”

Hannah started our program because her health symptoms were making her life a living hell. She had suffered from Candida Overgrowth symptoms most of her life.

Pain in her joints (hips and knees), heavy fatigue and mental fog, gas and bloating after meals, severe abdominal cramps and cystic acne. She had gone through multiple courses of antibiotics multiple times a year for all the infections she was getting which made her body fertile ground for fungus to take over.

Thinking back on it now, Hannah had heard of Candida from her step mother years ago when she was only 9yrs old. Her step mother was a nurse and well versed in holistic medicine
, and had explained to her parents that all of Hannah’s symptoms (chronic allergies, sinus and ear infections, digestive issues, and skin rashes) was due to an imbalance of the gut flora and an overgrowth of Candida from all the antibiotics used to treat these infections.

Her paediatrician was skeptical and explained that this type of infection is “very rare”, and that it would bring in more prominent symptoms of vaginal yeast and thrush. Since (at the time) Hannah didn’t have those exact issues, the idea of Candida was quickly dismissed.

Unfortunately Hannah’s insidious symptoms followed into her adulthood. Gastric distress ran the gambit: gas, bloating, fatigue after meals. Severe abdominal pain that kept her from school and work, and ultrasounds found nothing.

Her chronic pain was diagnosed as “stress.”

Skin rashes spread into the creases of toes and fingers, skin irritation, and painful cystic acne, and vaginal yeast 2-3 times a year.

And as for her diet, Hannah admits, “My dog was eating better than me…”

(LEFT) BEFORE: “In the bathroom during my 29th birthday dinner. Bitter, tired, unhappy, and ready to ridicule everything, but my favorite target, for sure, was right there in that mirror…”

(RIGHT) AFTER: “Two days after my 30th birthday… It’s true, only a year separates that bitter sarcastic face on the left from the grateful and more hopeful one on the right… And truthfully, it was even less than that… A matter of mere months… A matter of a single choice, the choice to START….”


Hannah Before The Candida Cleanser


Hannah After The Candida Cleanser


Today Hannah is 30 pounds lighter. Her mind is clear and she has energy to go all day. Plus, all her digestive problems are gone, skin rashes- gone, lethargy and malaise- gone, pain in the hips and knees- GONE!

“And this is the most exciting part… mid-April I am a chronic allergy sufferer and tree pollen in the north west is incredibly bad, its coating every body’s cars, and I am symptom free.


And the changes are so much more than physical and dietary. Hannah has gained an entirely new perspective on life. Watch Hannah share her story in full length in this interview with Patty.


Full Interview with Hannah On Her Journey

A Message From Hannah

“What I want each and every one of you reading this to know, is that we all have a well-spring of pure LOVE inside of us and, even if, somehow we’ve allowed to be muddled or diminished down to a trickle over the years, it is still there, just waiting for us to clear away the leaves and debris and set it flowing, clear & free, once again…


So please, know that YOU CAN DO THIS…


And know that you can always REACH OUT for support, for encouragement, for advice along the way…


I feel truly blessed for be part of this Group, and I hope to be a cheerleader and resource for ALL OF YOU on this journey, never hesitate… I’m here for you !!

SoOoOo mUcH LOve

Happy Healing.”

– Hannah Katherine

Thank you Hannah for being such an inspiration to us all. Your transformation story is truly amazing. For anyone looking to connect with Hannah, she is one of our administrators in the Facebook Support Group. She’s learned a lot on her journey and is always open to sharing knowledge and encouragement.



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