Detox Support: 8 Ways To Drain Your Lymph

Detox Support: 8 Ways To Drain Your Lymph

Your lymphatic system is a critical part of the body’s detox system as well as the immune system.

It is a complex network of tissues, liquids, and organs that rid the body of toxins, waste, pathogens, and other unwanted materials. It acts as your natural sewage or plumbing system. Specialized white blood cells that fight off viruses, bacteria, and other invaders gather in your lymph nodes and travel through your lymphatic system as part of your immune system.

The two types of white blood cells active here are your lymphocytes; B-cells, which make antibodies that attack bacteria and toxins, and T-cells which help destroy infected or cancerous cells. When the body is fighting an infection, such as a Candida overgrowth, your lymph nodes can become enlarged and feel sore.

Did you know you have twice as much lymph fluid as you do blood?

But, unlike your blood which get a little push from your beating heart, the lymph system has no automated pumping system to move it through your tissue, you have to help it out.

It’s very common that our plumbing system can get ‘backed up’ regardless if we are cleansing or not. And when it does, not only does detoxing becomes extremely cumbersome, long term sluggish lymph drainage sets the stage for all sorts of unwanted diseases and chronic conditions.


“Lymphatic congestion is a major factor leading to inflammation and disease.” – Dr. Mercola


8 Symptoms Your Lymph Is Sluggish

1. Fatigue
2. Bloating and water retention
3. Excessive mucus
4. Itchy or dry skin
5. Swollen glands
6. Low immunity
7. Brain fog
8. Headaches, migraines, and pressure in the head


8 Ways To Move Lymph

1. Herbs: Cleaver, Echinacea, Red Clover, Ginger, Fenugreek, Goldenseal

2. Exercise: gentle stretching, yoga, brisk walking

3. Rebounding or bouncing up and down on an exercise ball

4. Inversions: Lay down on your back and put your legs up the wall. Or try one of these restorative yoga poses:Supported Shoulder Stand or this version Supported Plow Pose. If you have trouble getting your feet to touch the ground, use a chair or your coach to rest your feet on behind your head.

5. Infrared sauna

6. Cold showers. You don’t need to freeze the entire time you’re in there. It’s as simple as turning down the heat for the last 2 minutes. Make sure you get your chest, back and back of the neck, and armpits cooled off.

7. Dry Brushing

8. Lymph Massage. See video below to learn how to do one at home on yourself.


Self Lymph Drainage Massage


And remember to stay hydrated!  Drink plenty of water!

Aga Postawska
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Community Leader, Candida Cleanser
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