Chris Is Finally Free Of Sleep Apnea

Chris Is Finally Free Of Sleep Apnea

“You never know what changes will happen within you… If you are concerned with your health, then do this to see what comes up,” 

Growing up Chris never had chronic health problems but now as he is growing older, he is experiencing:

– Headaches- Sluggish digestion
– Painful inflammation in the gut and cramps that keep him up throughout the night
– Blurred vision
– Brain fog
– Bodily aches and pains

Common symptoms that one would normally associate from growing old, right?

Growing old is normal. As the body ages the immune system begins to weaken, we produce less stomach acid which can disturb healthy digestion and leave us vulnerable to bacterial and parasite infections, we make less collagen so our bones begin to squeak and ache, but maybe Chris’s symptoms aren’t related to his age at all. Could these be signs of a Candida infection?

Chris suspected he might have a fungal overgrowth when his craving for carbohydrates, or what he calls “carbos”, were getting out of control. He never imagined how deeply this fungus was effecting him…

Watch the video above to see Chris before and after his cleanse. After experiencing profound die-off that left him exhausted and sleeping most days Chris emerges a stronger and healthier man, in a sense reversing his ‘biological clock.’

His sleep apnea is gone! He isn’t holding his breath endlessly gasping for air as he sleeps soundly through the night. And his midnight wake up calls from painful stomach cramps have ceased.

Chris admits that he didn’t follow the protocol to a T and offers his advice, “if you are going to do this cleanse, give yourself the time to do this. Don’t do it over the holidays, avoid anniversaries and travel. The more strict you are the better results you’ll have. Plan it out and dedicate yourself!””

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