Candida Diet: 7 Day Meal Plan Inspiration

Candida Diet: 7 Day Meal Plan Inspiration

by Aga Postawska, Holistic Health Coach on May 13th, 2017

Often times when it comes to cleansing Candida a total dietary overhaul is necessary, especially if you’ve been eating a diet full of processed foods, starchy and refined carbohydrates, grains, excess tropical fruits, sugar, alcohol, and factory farmed, antibiotic tainted animal products; these are all common foods that feed Candida.

To fully eliminate and recover from this fungal infection it is helpful to REMOVE foods that feed Candida from your diet (for the time being), otherwise you’ll continue  to feed and strengthening it’s invasion.

When you remove these foods from your daily life by default you’ll need to expand your dietary spectrum and focus on getting your nutrients from above ground vegetation, fruits low in sugar (berries), clean organic meats, and healthy fats.

Not only are these new foods no longer fueling a Candida infection, these foods serve as powerful tools to heal the body, soothe the digestive system, lower inflammation in the body, and heal and seal leaky gut. 
We recommend the GAPS Diet, either the FULL GAPS diet or Intro GAPS Diet. First and foremost this diet focuses on bio-individuality and gut rehabilitation. Dr.Natasha Campbell designed this protocol precisely to heal and seal intestinal permeability and it works wonders partnered with the Candida Cleanser.

Learn more about the GAPS Diet here: What Is The GAPS Diet, And Why We Recommend It When Cleansing Candida.Grab this free cheat sheet: Shopping Guide: GAPS Full Approved Food List

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