Clinical Naturopath, Sharyn Wynters Recovers From Cancer

Cancer Recovery & The Candida Cleanser

Clinical Naturopath, Sharyn Wynters, Shares About Her Incredible Recovery from Cancer & How Our Cleanse Helped!

I met Sharyn at the PrimeMyBody (the nano hemp oil and detox system we began promoting recently) conference because she also works with these products personally and professionally in her practice. We connected instantly, and she confided she was going through her third battle with cancer in her lifetime!

Knowing the connection between cancer and candida, I sent her the CCWS cleanse kit, and we stayed in close contact.

Eight months later, at a following conference, was when I saw her again. Sharyn announced that her most recent biopsy said she was completely cancer free!

Sharyn had reached a place where modern medicine could no longer help her back in the late 60s, during in her first fight with Cancer in her 20’s. This would be a fateful time in her life, where she would discover natural and holistic healing. This was a time long before the internet existed, unlike today where information is so readily available at our fingertips.

Sharyn believes passionately that cleansing and detox are absolutely needed and effective for recovering your health holistically. Unfortunately we were unable to get her video to work for this call, but please have a listen, and get inspired because her story is incredible!

Sharyn has recently been a featured guest in our VIP Group Coaching Program, an 8 week coaching series where we guide a small group of people through the Candida Cleanser protocol. She came on to speak with all our participants where she inspired everyone to change their outlook on their health; A health problem is a health opportunity.

Sharyn has now lived a long and purposeful life, and on that journey she had to fight cancer again two more times. She has always taken the natural route, and has had success each time.


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