Q&A: Bought The Candida Cleanser, But Too Scared To Start?

Bought The Cleanse,
But Too Scared To Start?

Live Q&A With Our Detox Doulas & Health CoachesPatty & Aga

Thinking about trying our CCWS Candida Cleanser?

Or maybe you’ve recently bought the Candida Cleanser and you’re a bit apprehensive about the entire processes, so you haven’t started yet?

Many of our clients wait MONTHS before starting their cleanse because they are nervous and don’t know what to expect. But, why wait any longer to start feeling better On this call we address the common fears and worries about cleansing and explain the proper protocol for the most effective and safe treatment.

A few things you’ll learn:

– What is Lufeneron and is it safe?
– What is systemic fungal Candida, and how is it different than candida yeast?
– Can you do this cleanse while on the Ketogenic diet?
– Can you do this cleanse if you are diabetic?

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