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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help one million candida sufferers by 2020.

Over a decade ago we were a handful of people collaborating with international world famous spas and resorts in Koh Samui, Thailand(the capitol of the world in terms of detox and rejuvenation.) We were trying to find a way to help people with systemic Candida infections… and after many failures we came across very powerful information that led us to something that worked.

As of today we’ve helped over 18,000 people and have attracted success stories from people all over the world, we’re getting there, one person at a time.

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Amazing Testimonials


“It Literally Gave Me My Life Back”

Jackie Joy | Casselberry, FL

I’m a healthy lady. One day my Dr. prescribed me VERY strong antibiotics for an
extended period of time to make sure I didn’t get an infection after an
appendectomy. (Appendectomy runs in my family, it’s very common)

Antibiotics wiped out everything in my body, both the good and the bad bacteria.
Little did I know that I needed to repopulate my good bacteria to keep a healthy gut
and immune system!

“I had Fungal Ear Infections for 8 Years, Now Its Gone”

Kevin Ryan

I have had a fungal ear infection for eight years. Went to doctors, tried a lot of different things but each flair up would get worse. Was at my wits end, it was driving me nuts, but then found your product. I followed the directions exactly and by the end could not believe it but it seemed to be gone.

I continue to watch my diet and put a few drops of colloidal silver in each ear daily. It has been over a month and no sign of it returning. Thanks so much. Fells like a heavy burden has been lifted. Hope more people with fungal infections will find you.

“Ultimately, I Believe The Candida Is Gone, the High Blood Sugars Will Too”

Cathy Channell | North Carolina

Almost a year ago, at age 53, I was diagnosed a diabetic.They put me on 2 metformin and 1 glipizide per day. My diet was already fairly good as I had cut refined sugars, bad carbs, butter and all sodas out. I had not totally given up sugar at that point, but it was very limited because I had a vaginal yeast infection for 3 yrs that nothing would help.
So I knew something was off, but thought it was menopause related.

I’m BIG on natural – have no insurance and feel prescriptions should be a last effort. But with blood sugars averaging in the 300 range I decided to take meds … until I could get things under control myself – with diet & exercise. I also had my first ever UT – so
they put me on antibiotics – which I had not taken in YEARS. …

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“Unspeakable of Appreciation For This Treatment”

Helen Danielsson | Lammhult, Sweden

Both my husband and I have been using the CCWS™ treatment and the result is amazing. After just 3 or 4 days of the treatment my husband got rid of his heartburn and cough which he have had for more than 20 years.
He didn’t know that candida was the problem until 2 years ago when it really got beyond normal levels.
First his feet got swollen up and then his legs, hands and arms. All in just a few hours. It took 7 doctors at the hospital before anyone could tell his what was wrong. He got treated with antibiotics.

Before using this candida cleanser both my husband and I felt very infirm. Thought it was because of old age
(68 years) but now we wake up every morning to a new reality with much more energy.
We are unspeakable of appreciation for this treatment!

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